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Mr Price is one of the greatest retail stores chains in South Africa, and because of that, it is an amazing place to work at! With some fantastic benefits, such as incentives for perfomance and medical aid, Mr Price should be considered for you if a good and respectable brand and name is a place you want to be working at!


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Put all into consideration, not only Mr Price offers you incentives and enjoy your hard work and dedication, it also has a very solid and clear path to grow inside the company. Take a look at our full review. Also, if you already got

Medical aid
Loyalty bonus
Share scheme

You will remain in the same website

On the job search page, create a profile before searching and applying for open positions. Your resume should include a summary of your schooling, professional achievements, and employment history, as well as any other interesting details you feel are important to include.

All candidate profiles in the recruitment database are accessible to the Mr Price Group's hiring staff.

Mr. Price advises being genuine and true to yourself. They are interested in your background and what you can contribute. They claim that they train for skill and hire for attitude.

No, however they have created and packaged specialized development programs for grads in a variety of important business áreas, including IT, store management, merchandise planning and purchasing.

Mr. Price is quite laid-back and wants you to feel at ease, so please be aware that our dress code is informal.

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