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Japan: some curiosities about this amazing country

The Land of the Rising Sun is a country that has inspired many people for generations, in many areas. Here are some curiosities.


Travelers have been drawn to Japan ever since it first allowed for international trade in 1853.

 Japan is one of the world’s top economic and technical hubs, even though many of its long-standing customs and cultural relics still exist.

When traveling, there is always something new to learn about, from modern technology to contemporary pop culture to ancient gods and customs.

So, today, we are going to present some facts about Japan that you may not know, but you be impressed by some of them.

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The streets of Japan are pristine and litter-free, even in the capital city of Tokyo, a gigantic megacity. Then, how does Japan manage to do this?

It all depends on how they think. Very rarely do the Japanese leave trash on the streets.

Additionally, street cleaning volunteers of all ages do it because they just want to live in a clean city.


Only Hong Kong has a longer average life expectancy than Japan, which is among the highest in the world.

In Japan, the average life expectancy is 84, which is 5 years longer than in the United States.

The greatest percentage of people in the world over 65 make up almost 28% of the population in Japan. More than 70,000 citizens in Japan are also above 100 years old.


In fact, Japan has an island known as “the island of longevity.” The 160-island archipelago of Okinawa, which is in the East China Sea, is well recognized for having a long life expectancy.

These islands have an extremely low sickness rate and a high rate of people living past 100 years old.

The notion of “ikigai,” which means “cause for being,” and their nutritious food are said to be the reasons why the residents of this place lead such happy and healthy lives.


The world’s oldest continuously operating company is located in Japan. Kongo Gumi was founded in 578 and specializes in building temples and shrines.

That indicates that the business was started just a century after the Roman Empire was overthrown! What the heck is that?

The corporation ran as a stand-alone enterprise for more than 1,400 years, until financial issues forced it to merge with Takamatsu Kensetsu in 2006.

Even though Kongo Gumi is no longer a standalone corporation, it is still in operation today, but with a changed organization.

 They specialize in building, maintaining, and repairing Buddhist temples, so there will never be a shortage of labor in this stunning nation.


Because it is so dependable and almost always on time, public transportation in Japan is very popular. To put this in perspective, 57% of residents of Tokyo, the nation’s capital, commute by public transportation.

 Given the size of Tokyo’s population and the high number of people who use public transportation, this leads to significant train overcrowding.

It’s astonishing how many railroads run at about 199% capacity or more! In order to squeeze more people inside, this results in individuals being pressed up against windows.

 In order to address this problem, “transit pushers” are employed during rush hour to force passengers aboard the trains in order to make more room for them.


The estimated population of the many diverse neighborhoods that make up the city of Tokyo is over 38 million, which is greater than the entire country of Canada! As a result, it is the most populous megacity on earth.

This enormous population also includes the outer reaches of Tokyo, including Chiba, Saitama, Kawasaki, Sagamihara, and Yokohama.

These areas have grown over time to form what is now considered to be a single megacity.

 Tokyo is particularly busy since it is home to 28% of all of Japan’s citizens, which is a significant portion of the country’s population.


Fans of canned food will also enjoy their trip to Japan, which has a large number of establishments that specialize in this cuisine.

The most well-known chain of these restaurants is Mr. Kanso.

These eateries stock their shelves with a wide variety of canned goods from all around the world.

 Even the most discriminating visitor will find something new to try thanks to the diversity on the shelves.

And speaking of canned goods, vending machines abound in Japan. On the streets, you may find them all around, selling everything from sake and beer to tea and snacks.


Slurping your noodles somewhere else could be seen as impolite or annoying to other people. But in Japan, there is only one acceptable method of eating noodles—slurping! I

n Japan, slurping noodles is considered a sign of enjoyment and conveys to the chef your love of their cuisine. It is also rumored to cool them down and flavor your noodles.

When it comes to eating noodles in Japan, bibs are occasionally offered to foreigners due to the fact that this may be a rather messy method to eat.

 If you’re going out to eat in your favorite attire, the bib is a fantastic option because we travelers might not be used to using chopsticks.

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