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Top curiosities about Planet Earth

Earth is our home, yet we don't think about it enough. Here are some curiosities about our home that perhaps you didn't know.


In the world that we live in, we usually spend a lot of time thinking about our problems, but almost never we think about our home: the Planet Earth.

This “Pale Blue Dot” is the home of more than 7 billion human beings and many other species, with so much diversity, there are probably some things you are unaware of that happen.

So, today, we are going to present some curiosities about Planet Earth, that you probably don’t know about it.

World cup is right around the corner: here are…

With the coming of the competition, soccer becomes the sport of the time. Let's see some curiosities that you may not know.


Extra earth and ocean masses are pulled by gravity into a bulge, or “spare tire,” that circles our globe. According to, the world’s diameter near the equator is 24,901 miles (40,075 kilometers).

Bonus fact: If you were standing at one of the poles, you would weigh more than you would at the Equator.


Actually, there is only one moon orbiting the Earth. However, two orbitals that belong to a broader population of asteroids known as Near-Earth Objects (NEOs). and are orbiting Earth are 3753 Cruithne and 2002 AA29.

 Asteroid 3753 Cruithne, which is also known as “Earth’s second moon,” is 5 km across. It has a coordinated orbit with Earth but does not really orbit it.

It also has an orbit that gives the impression that it is moving in the same direction as the Earth, but it is actually traveling in a different direction around the Sun.


The Earth’s rotation is getting slower.

Though the rate of acceleration is not consistent, it is happening at a nearly imperceptible rate of 17 milliseconds every hundred years.

Although this lengthens our days, it does so so gradually that it would take up to 140 million years for a day to reach its current length of 25 hours.


Ironically, the Pacific Ocean and the Atacama Desert in northern Chile are close, yet they are so different.

 Arica, Chile receives just 0.8 millimeters of rainfall on average per year (0.03 inches). It is thought that Calama city in Atacama went 400 years without rain before a huge storm hit in 1972.

The Atacama Desert is relatively chilly compared to most deserts, and in its driest regions, it even lacks cyanobacteria, which are green photosynthetic microorganisms that reside in rocks or beneath stones.

In order to better understand how life can exist on other planets, NASA astrobiologists visit the Atacama in search of microbes that can survive in such a harsh environment.


You are standing on previously used soil. The rock cycle of the planet transforms igneous rocks into sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, and back again.

Even though the cycle isn’t a perfect circle, the following principles apply: The eruption of magma from deep within the Earth that turns into rock is the igneous component.

By means of tectonic forces, that rock is brought to the surface, where erosion takes bits away.

By applying upward pressure, these tiny fragments are deposited, buried, and crushed into sedimentary rocks like sandstone.

If sedimentary rocks are buried significantly deeper, they allegedly “cook” into metamorphic rocks under extreme pressure and heat.


The calm before the storm does in fact exist in the correct circumstances; it is not merely an urban legend.

A low-pressure area is left in the wake of a storm as it sucks warm, wet air — its fuel — from the surrounding environment.

Strong drafts compel part of the air to rise as it is swept up into the storm cloud.

The highest storm clouds, which may reach heights of up to 16 kilometers (10 miles), are removed of their hot air by these updrafts, which then push it out over their edges.

The air then falls, becoming warmer, dryer, and more stable as a result.

People in that area remark the quiet before the storm as it blankets the area below and stabilizes the air there.

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