Applying at Ericsson – A salary of ₦ 2,500,000 per year can be yours!

If you want to learn all you need to make an outstanding impression while applying at Ericsson, check this article out!


How do I prepare?

Make sure you have everything ready before applying! Source: Freepik

Many people wish to work for a multinational telecommunications and networking powerhouse like Ericsson in today’s competitive labor market.

Understanding the procedure for getting hired at Ericsson’s activities in Nigeria will help you realize your career goals, whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional.

Beyond that, we’ll go into the particulars of the Ericsson application procedure, providing helpful hints and insights to guide you on the road to a fulfilling career in the vanguard of telecom innovation.

Join us as we explore the essential abilities and procedures for grabbing a job opportunity with Ericsson in Nigeria.

What skills do I need to excel at Ericsson?

  • Leadership: Whether or not you hold an official leadership position, exhibiting leadership traits like initiative, accountability, and the capacity to motivate others will help you stand out.
  • Time management: Ericsson frequently manages several projects at once. You can effectively manage conflicting priorities and meet deadlines when you have strong time management abilities.
  • The telecoms sector is centered on delivering excellent customer service. Delivering outstanding service and comprehending and prioritizing customer demands are essential.
  • Empathy and the capacity to handle interpersonal situations delicately are two traits of emotional intelligence that can improve your efficiency in both team settings and client encounters.
  • Compliance with Ethical Standards: At Ericsson, upholding strict ethical standards is one of our key values. Integrity and moral judgment must always be displayed.
  • Continuous Learning: In the tech industry, it’s essential to maintain your curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning. Employee skill and knowledge development is encouraged by Ericsson.
  • Resilience: Setbacks are frequent in the tech sector, which may be demanding. Being resilient enables you to overcome difficulties and keep a positive outlook.

How is the application process at Ericsson in Nigeria?


Job application


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Salaries up to ₦ 2,500,000 per year

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The standard process starts with an online job search on the official job portal or careers website of Ericsson, where job seekers can filter vacancies by region.

The following stage entails completing an online application form that normally asks for personal data, educational background, employment history, and skill sets. The careers site may require new applicants to register an account by giving their contact information and selecting a username and password.

The updated resume or CV, as well as any supporting documents like cover letters or certifications, must then be uploaded by the applicant. Candidates may be required to undergo online exams or assessments, depending on the position, to determine their fitness.

Candidates may receive an interview invitation if their application satisfies the standards. Ericsson conducts interviews in a variety of ways, such as over the phone, in person, or even on video.

Successful applicants are given a job offer that includes information about the position, salary, benefits, and other important factors.

To confirm credentials prior to onboarding, Ericsson may run a background check.

The onboarding procedure includes filling out the required papers, getting trained, and learning about Ericsson’s culture and standards.

To have a great application experience, communication and attention to detail are essential throughout the process.

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