The best apps to have if you are a business professional

Have technology as an ally: check out this list of the best business apps we made for you and your business!


An avalanche of information and data is processed daily within a company. How can the manager keep up with his employees’ work if he doesn’t have technological resources at his disposal?

As good as his memory is, storing and managing what to do, with so much information impacting business these days, will be stressful, to say the least.

Fortunately, along with the increased volume of data that businesspeople have to deal with these days, there have also been many apps that, if used well, will help improve team and business performance.

But even the number of apps is huge, and without someone’s advice, it is easy to get confused trying to figure out which are the best and the features of each app.

To this end, we have listed the best apps and their benefits for managing your business.

1. Roam Research

This tool helps you whenever you need to structure an idea by relating several notes created in the app, from reading and videos to events. Ideas are available on-demand and in combinations complete with context.

Great for brainstorming and creating project scopes.

2. Todoist

This app helps organize the day-to-day of busy people. It is especially indicated for those who cannot miss any detail at work. You can organize your tasks by separating what is personal from what is work-related.

You can also add a reminder to notify you that it is time to do a certain task and also categorize it by priority level. Cool, isn’t it?

3. Trello

This app helps companies that work by-project, events, or with an employee’s task list. In it, it is possible to adapt the tool according to the company’s specific activity, enabling the organization of the cards and making the association of the applications needed for each team.

After all, in terms of software, the demands and needs are different for the development team and the human resources team.

Trello cards contain everything needed to organize a task or project. For example, each part of the task can be managed, tracked, and shared with teammates. Open any card to discover an ecosystem of checklists, deadlines, attachments, and conversations.

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4. Trillian

This app is both a free instant messenger for individuals and a powerful business and communication platform used by companies. Doing so, allows you to greatly reduce the number of emails in your inbox.

It was designed primarily to facilitate contact between team members, who usually need a quick feedback to solve tasks and problems that arise on a day-to-day basis.

This way, it is possible to solve the problem in a quick conversation through the app, instead of becoming yet another email that would easily get lost among the many others received in an inbox.

5. LinkedIn

Linkedin is essential for any professional, as it is the largest business-focused network in the world.

There are more than 500 million individual users, and, in addition, companies are there with their business profiles to find the best talent for their company, expose their business to potential customers, promote marketing actions and value their employees.

Whether you are a company or an individual, you need to have a strategy to generate relevant content. It is definitely not a space for polemics or futility – on the contrary, it is a space to show what you do best and thus attract the attention of the best recruiters or the best talent.

6. ClickUp

Having too many apps can hurt more than help. So ClickUp promotes the gathering of different resources so that everything is gathered within it.

In this app, you can organize the team’s tasks, talk to everyone through a chat, visualize in list form, charts, or timeline, and attach documents, plus there is a whiteboard to create new ideas, you can also create dashboards and so many other features that we would need an article just to talk about this app.

The features of this app, without going into too much detail, are Gantt Chart, Dashboards, Native, Time Tracking, Mind Maps, Automations, Notepad, Integrations, Email, To-Do List, Kanban, Board, and Sprints.

And yet, these are all the famous applications it replaces: Monday, Asana, Jira, Trello, Airtable, Notion, Basecamp, Wrike, MS Project, Todoist e Smartsheet.

If your business doesn’t involve a lot of people and there’s little information, a simpler app might be the best choice. But to work with a larger volume of data and with an internal team or home office, no doubt, the more complete the app, the better.

So if you have to choose only one app, we suggest the latter, ClickUp, because it has the most functions all in one.

About the author  /  Marcelo Lopes


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