Alarm apps: take a look at some of the most creative and best ones

If you are the kind of person who has problems with your alarm, look no further. These are some of the best alarm apps out there.


Waking up from our beds seems such a complicated task some days. If you hear some alarm, you are most likely to take your phone and throw it through the window.

So, it may be better to look to some other options of alarm apps, in order to make this first moment of our days less painful.

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Alarm Clock Xtreme and Timer

Have you heard of the applications that prevent you from texting someone while intoxicated unless you do certain arithmetic problems to demonstrate your sobriety?

 That is one option offered by Alarm Clock Xtreme, a program designed to reduce excessive usage of the snooze button. It will even shorten the intervals between snoozes, so the magic 9 minutes won’t always apply.

You may be softly awakened by its progressively increasing volume. You can snooze by shaking the device, pressing the side buttons, pushing the screen, or using the math outlined above.

 A sleep tracker, stopwatch, and timer option are also included with everything. You can get a free version if you don’t mind having advertisements on your clock.

Sleep as Android

Android users can utilize the “alarm” app. The app “studies” and analyzes your sleep patterns utilizing a sonar contact-free ultrasonic sleep tracking device in addition to being a flexible alarm clock.

Your sleep duration, deficiencies, the proportion of deep sleep, and anomalies like snoring are all tracked by the app.

For radio and music alarms, the app integrates with Samsung Health and is compatible with Spotify and Play Music.

With Sleep as Android, you can better understand your sleep cycle and obtain a better night’s sleep than with other apps.

Alarm Clock HD

This versatile app offers more features than just an alarm clock.

You may use Alarm Clock HD to set an infinite number of alarms, use your favorite iTunes music as your alarm, use a sleep timer to get some rest, check the weather, and stay up to date on the latest news and tweets (paid version).

 Information such as the date, battery life, the weather, and more can be displayed on the user interface’s beautiful neon-green by default, which can be adjusted to any other color.

It is a flexible alarm clock that can be easily customized. When you shake it, it turns into a flashlight.

Sleep Cycle

In the Sleep Cycle app, rest is king.

The accelerometer and microphone on your phone or tablet are used by the sleep analyzer software to monitor your sleeping patterns and determine the optimal time and way to wake you up (during your lightest sleep phase).

Your sleep quality will be compared to the rest of the app’s users. If you’re still asleep, pick up the phone or tap it to snooze, but if you activate the Intelligent Snooze option, each snooze grows shorter.

 Users of iPhones may upload the data into the Apple Health app, which will communicate with Philips Hue smart lamps to turn on at wake time in imitation of sunrise.

Progressive Alarm Clock

Are you the highly sensitive type or a light sleeper? Then Progressive Alarm Clock might be your favorite.

The Progressive Alarm Clock app, as its name suggests, gradually lulls you into waking consciousness by gradually amplifying the sound of Tibetan singing bowls.

Choose from six different sizes of bowls with Progressive Alarm Clock, each providing a distinct number of bass, treble, and overtones.

 The app doubles as a meditation timer, making it the perfect sleep and general wellness companion.

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