Things ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ gets wrong

Some considered it a "classic" for good reasons, but some statements don't seem quite right or are outdated. Find out some of them.


Rich dad, Poor dad is one of the most famous books about finances of all time.

The book, which was published in 1997, focuses on the importance of financial education and outlines some of the key principles that can help people achieve financial success.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the book, is a highly successful businessman and investor, and he uses his own experiences to illustrate the importance of financial literacy.

The book has sold millions of copies and has been translated into dozens of languages, making it one of the most popular books on finance ever written.

However, like many things in the world, that are some things that did not stand the test of time and/or are highly criticized by many.

Today, we are going to discuss some bits of advice from the book that might not be as helpful as you may think.

Stock vs equity: they are not the same

Words that are used almost as synonymous, but have very subtle yet important differences. Understand it once and for all now

Fully understand the idea of “Pay yourself first”

It’s been almost a century since the phrase “pay yourself first” first appeared. It alludes to the notion of consistently allocating a portion of your income to savings and investing.

To avoid having to think about taking money out of their bank account after payday, some people even choose to automate the payment.

As a general rule, allocate 5% to 10% of your income to wealth creation. This adds up over time, especially if you can take advantage of compound interest.

This notion is twisted and dangerously expanded upon by Kiyosaki. He advises his readers to pay their own bills and taxes first.

He believes that by doing this, you will be under pressure to come up with creative ways for earning money and paying off those unpaid obligations.

The fact is, there may be severe consequences if you don’t pay your taxes. And if you don’t pay your payments, you can incur late fees, lose credit, or even risk losing your home to foreclosure.

Pay your debts first, but also take care of yourself.

Starting a business is not for everyone and is not the only way to get success

As hard as it is to say, not everyone should pursue entrepreneurship. It’s okay if you don’t want to strike out on your own.

There are many individuals who take pride in their work, earn excellent wages, and manage their finances carefully.

However, Kiyosaki has a propensity to disparage anyone who works for another person and to imply that workers are frequently destitute and dissatisfied. They simply don’t grasp it.

Academic studies, like most studies, indeed have their value!

Kiyosaki also has a bad habit of downplaying the importance of traditional learning and academic education.

He seems to think that those who adhere to conventional knowledge end up like his father, who was highly educated but ineffectual and preoccupied with money.

 Wealthy individuals can only learn by doing or by experiencing life.

Rich Dad claims, for instance, that employees are all too frequently trained to become skilled bean counters at business schools. God forbid that a bean counter takes over a company.

They only focus on the numbers, fire staff, and destroy the company.

Ironically, he immediately refutes those assertions, noting that accounting may be the most difficult and dull topic in the world, but it may also be the most crucial one if you want to become wealthy in the long run.


As you might have expected, most of these critics are based on some people’s opinions. There you are people who can disagree with some of these critics, with very good arguments.

The best advice I can give is: read the book, study it, meditate about and come up with your own conclusions.

This you be The best way to come out with the best this book has to offer.

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