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Standard Bank is a business that has not only history but also is looking for the future with innovation. Check out our review!


A historical bank where you can work!

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A leading financial institution in Africa, Standard Bank provides a variety of banking and financial services to people, companies, institutions, and corporations both inside and outside of Africa.

The business has embraced innovation and technology in an effort to transform how people interact with financial services, both personally and professionally.

Apply at Standard Bank: R 173 082 to R 884 318…

A company like Standard Bank has a rich past but is also looking to the future by using innovation. See how to apply!

Also, the Standard Bank API Marketplace, a one-stop shop provided by the bank, gives its consumers countless options.

First of all, Standard Bank of South Africa, a South African affiliate of the British offshore bank Standard Bank, was established in 1862 and later changed its name to Standard Bank.

After that, Standard Bank of British South Africa was first established in London in 1862 by a group of businesspeople under the direction of well-known South African politician John Paterson.

To sum up, Standard Bank is a recognized financial organization that is dedicated to promoting equitable and sustainable growth throughout Africa with a focus on empowering its clients.

If you want to learn more about what it’s like to work at Standard Bank, keep reading our article for more information!

What job opportunities can I find at Standard Bank?

The Standard Bank has a number of positions available in several fields.

The following are some of the most typical roles at Standard Bank:

Consumer Assistance

Customer service specialists assist customers with their banking needs, respond to their inquiries, and address any problems they may be experiencing.

Management of risk

Professionals in risk management work to reduce the bank’s exposure to risk, create and implement risk management guidelines, and keep an eye on the bank’s risk profile.

Financial Trading

Investment bankers provide financial advice to businesses and governments on issues including mergers and acquisitions and assist in raising capital through the issuance of securities.

Technology Information

At Standard Bank, IT specialists create and manage the bank’s technological infrastructure, offer assistance with computer systems and applications, and guarantee the privacy of the bank’s data.


Compliance specialists ensure that the bank’s activities adhere to all applicable laws, rules, and standards.

Human Resources

At Standard Bank, HR experts are in charge of managing employee relations, benefits, and compensation, as well as recruiting, retaining, and developing talent.

Communications and Marketing

At Standard Bank, marketing and communications specialists are in charge of building the bank’s brand, developing marketing strategies, and handling the bank’s public relations.

What is the average salary at Standard Bank?

PayScale reports that the annual salary range at Standard Bank is between R 173 082 and R 884  318 on average.

Call Center Agents earn the least, with an average annual pay of Rs. 118,656, while Senior Business Analysts earn the most, with an average annual compensation of Rs. 752,850.

All in all, it is a very big chunk of money per year to work for such an enormous company!

What are the benefits of working at Standard Bank?

The dedication of Standard Bank to its workers is well known. Consequently, working at Standard Bank can provide a variety of advantages, such as:

Career development

There are numerous prospects for career progression within Standard Bank and throughout the larger financial services sector.

Competitive payment

Salary, incentives, and benefits are all part of the competitive remuneration packages that Standard Bank provides to its staff.

Work-life harmony

In an effort to help its workers maintain a healthy work-life balance, Standard Bank provides flexible working options like telecommuting and flexible hours.

Educating and developing

By offering continual training and development opportunities, Standard Bank gives its employees the chance to improve their knowledge and abilities.

Worker involvement

Employee participation is highly valued at Standard Bank, and the company actively encourages staff to provide ideas and suggestions for enhancing both customer service and operational efficiency.

Community participation

Standard Bank is involved in the areas where it conducts business and encourages its staff to participate in volunteer and community service endeavors.

Many advantages

A complete benefits package, including health insurance, retirement benefits, and paid time off, is provided by Standard Bank to its workers.

Do you want to apply?

If you got interested and want to apply, take a look at our next article, where we dwell on all these important steps!

Apply at Standard Bank: R 173 082 to R 884 318…

A company like Standard Bank has a rich past but is also looking to the future by using innovation. See how to apply!

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