Apply for Job Vacancies at Checkers – All you need to know

If you are looking for a job at Checkers, keep reading our article so you can improve your odds of getting the job!


Step-by-Step Guide to Landing Your Job at Checkers!

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Are you setting out to become a member of the Checkers family? We’ll walk you through every step of the application process, so you’re ready to grab your next opportunity to apply for a job.


Job Vacancies


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Earn up to R5 888 per month and have several employee benefits!

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Also, we’ll guide you through every step of the process to submit an outstanding application, from navigating the Shoprite Holdings website to looking through open positions.

Come along as we help you take the first step toward your career goals by demystifying the application process.

How does the application process unfold?

At Checkers, the application process usually proceeds in a methodical way, guaranteeing prospective candidates a seamless and effective experience.

This is a general rundown of how the procedure usually operates:

Check out the website of Shoprite Holdings.

Go to the Shoprite Holdings official website first. Checkers is a member of the Shoprite Group, and the company’s main career portal frequently posts job openings.

Look for available jobs.

Use the website’s navigation to look through the job openings. To identify jobs that fit your interests and skill set, you can refine the job listings using location, job category, or other pertinent parameters.

See the job specifications.

To read the comprehensive job descriptions that include the prerequisites and credentials for each position, click on the individual job listings. Before submitting the application, make sure you meet the requirements.

Get the application materials ready.

 After you’ve found a position that fits your needs, get your application materials ready, such as a CV and cover letter that are customized for the position you’re applying for.

Apply online

To submit your application, go to the Shoprite Holdings website and use the online application portal. Fill out the required fields and attach your cover letter and resume.

Wait for a response from the recruiting team.

Wait patiently for a response from the Checkers recruitment team after submitting your application.

Following the application review, they might get in touch with you to discuss the next steps in the hiring process.

What are the prerequisites to apply for a job position at Checkers?

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Job Vacancies


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Up to R5 888 per month!

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  • Valid South African ID Number: Most applications call for the possession of a current South African ID number.
  • Minimum Grade 12 Qualification: Having a matric certificate, or minimum Grade 12 qualification, is frequently required.
  • Willingness to Work Shifts: Working weekends and Sundays is a requirement for many Checkers positions. Candidates must show that they are able and willing to work these flexible hours.
  • Age Requirements: Certain job openings may have particular age requirements. For example, certain jobs might be intended for young South Africans without any prior work experience, between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • Clear Criminal Record: It’s frequently necessary to keep your criminal record unblemished. The online application forms might make mention of this.

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