How to train your dog with these apps

If your dog is a reason you don't want to leave the house, there is something wrong with his upbringing and you need to act right away.


In many cities today it seems that there are more dogs than children. That they are cute and great companions is beyond doubt.

Now, imagine the hassle of so many dog owners who don’t know how to get their beloved pet to correctly use the litter box, or to stop destroying shoes, furniture, and clothes. And this is a nuisance that affects only the pet owner. But there is also the noise of barking or crying, which often disturbs the entire neighborhood.

Since pets are loved and treated as members of the family, these much-loved little creatures require care similar to that of a child. They need to be trained to respect the rules of the house where they live and also to behave outside the house.

As I mentioned, the number of pets is huge and certainly most people cannot afford the training sessions, which can cost more than $2,000. And it is obvious that no one treats a dog like an object that you can return to the store or put. Raising a dog in the city requires responsibility so that the animal can live well. And the owner must educate the animal so that he does not lose his peace due to the work required by the pet.

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As the pet universe is always growing, the digital medium takes the opportunity to give a hand to dog owners. There are already applications that help in training dogs. Your life can be easier and the inconveniences that a baby dog usually causes can be minimized with them. If you didn’t already know this, check out the list below of some applications that can help you in this mission.

Here are 5 dog training apps:


This app is very complete, there are a variety of commands in it. From basic obedience training tips to more complex actions. In addition to step-by-step instructions on how to apply each trick, in this app you can track your dog’s performance by adding some details about his progress after each training session.

Go Train Your Dog Today

With this app, the owner will receive step-by-step video instructions to apply with his dog. It also has features to keep track of your dog for his entire life.

Hundeo: Dog & Puppy Training

This app provides step-by-step video instructions for your dog. A true pocket-sized digital obedience school. In addition to training tips, the app also has recipe tips, games, and courses to take better care of your dog.

Pupford: Dog & Puppy Training

Created by experienced dog trainer and youtube celebrity Zak George, this app promises a perfect dog with 30 days of training! Fantastic, isn’t it? And the best part, lessons with in-depth content that can be applied with dogs of any age.


This app has the distinction of being able to customize your dog’s training, you can read articles about dogs in it and include data about your pet’s health. It also has a feature that promises to greatly shorten the dog’s training time, which is the ‘Clicker’. It has a whistling sound that the puppy should hear during his training.

Well, now it’s just a matter of putting it into practice. The training should help the dog to be a great companion, someone to be proud of. If your dog is a reason you don’t want to leave the house, there is something wrong with his upbringing and you need to act right away. Believe me, it is possible to teach him to be a good boy.

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