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Hirt & Carter is a South African company that specializes in the design, production, and distribution of corporate clothing, promotional clothing, and uniforms. They have a wide range of clients, including government agencies, municipalities, schools, and corporate clients As you can see, this is the kind of company that working with them may open many doors in many differente jobs.


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With that said, if you want to work on an old and consolidated industry, that can give you security and an amazing career development, you should really be considering applying for Hirt & Carter! Check out our full review on how it is to work for them, and if you also got interested, you can learn more in our “How to apply” article!

Job security
Competitive Compensation
Exposure to different industries

You will remain in the same website

T-shirts, polo shirts, workwear, formalwear, and accessories like bags and caps are just a few of the items that Hirt & Carter has to offer in their extensive selection of corporate attire, promotional attire, and uniforms.

Hirt & Carter works with a diverse group of clients from many sectors, including governmental organizations, local governments, educational institutions, and business clients.

Yes, Hirt & Carter might present chances for workers to develop and enhance their careers inside the business. They might offer chances for training and growth as well as internal promotion.

The individual position for which you are applying will determine the requirements needed to work at Hirt & Carter. However, a broad education or background in business administration, marketing, logistics, textile or fashion design may be advantageous.

Hirt & Carter has a culture that values cooperation, teamwork, excellence, and client happiness. They might also hold beliefs that emphasize social responsibility, sustainability, and creativity.

If you want to work at a company that has a history and also is a benchmark in its area of expertise, you should check out working for SGS South Africa.

Take a look at our article for more information!

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