G4S worker review – Earn R 11 920 as a security guard and more than average in other activities

G4S is a very known security company worldwide, and they provide a lot of training and career jobs. Check out our review!


Working in one of the world’s most promising security companies

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G4S is an international private security firm with its main office in London, England.  In 2004, London-based Securicor and the Danish enterprise Group 4 Falck merged to form the company.

A variety of services are provided by the business, including the provision of security staff, monitoring tools, response teams, and safe transportation for detainees.

How to become a G4S worker?

If you want to work for one of the biggest security companies operating in South Africa, you need to learn how to apply for them!

To provide security services, G4S also collaborates with governments abroad.

Also, the largest security firm in the world by revenue is G4S. It operates in more than 85 nations. By 2012, it was the largest private employer in Europe and Africa with approximately 533,000 workers.

G4S was acquired by Allied Universal® in 2021, a market-leading supplier of security and facilities services.

Allied Universal® develops specialized, integrated security solutions by combining cutting-edge innovative technology with proactive security services.

The infrastructure and footprint of Allied Universal were expanded by this deal on a local and international level.

With that said, they utilize best practices in communities all over the world through an 800,000-person global workforce.

With an estimated $20 billion in annual income, G4S has the means to put in place effective systems and processes that will help them locally fulfill their goal of keeping people safe so that communities can prosper.

Further, G4S has a vast network of offices and more than 122,000 people in Africa and the Middle East to serve their local customers and communities.

With so much infrastructure and history, working at G4S can be a good option for those who want to work for an already established company.

Check out more details right now!

What opportunities can you find at G4S?

Training for new people!

There are primarily two methods to begin a career with G4S. The first is through enrolling in graduate programs, which provide structured training and professional development aimed at giving you an advantage in the industry sector of your choice.

As an alternative, if you have prior expertise in a different area and believe that it would be advantageous for your future job, continue reading to find out more.

New recruits must finish a six-week training program at one of our national academies before joining us as security officers.

All facets of customer service, corporate and product knowledge, physical fitness, and workplace safety are covered in this thorough training.

G4S will continuously provide on-the-job training and growth opportunities throughout the duration of your employment with them.

However, your beginning is just that—a beginning. From the start, you’ll work with more seasoned coworkers who will mentor and encourage you over your initial few months.

And it doesn’t end there: G4S requires three days of mandatory training for each employee each year to keep them abreast of new laws or industry standards.

Additionally, they have an online learning platform where staff members may access details about goods and services whenever they want and from any location.

In what areas can you work at G4S?

There can be a variety of employment options available at your neighborhood G4S location, depending on where you live.

The employment options include management, security monitoring, and G4S cash-in-transit positions.

Other areas include:

  • Technology
  • Facilities Management
  • Risk Management
  • Logistics
  • General Management
  • Functional

What is the average salary of a G4S worker?

As we have seen, G4S works in a plethora of areas and trying to get an average wage is a very difficult task.

According to Indeed, the average monthly compensation for G4S security guards in South Africa is around R 11,290, which is 93% more than the country’s average.

Also, usually, G4S gives training to all intel regardless of the area.

So, even if we can’t define with precision the average payment in G4S, what we can say according to the data we have, is not only their have a more-than-average salary, but also they invest in our training!

What are some of the benefits of working at G4S?

According to the Payscale Platform, these are some of the benefits a G4S can receive by working with them:

  • Paid Vacation Time
  • Paid Vacations / Holidays
  • Mobile phone
  • Business Pension Plan
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Reimbursement for Education, Training, Tuition, and Certification
  • Car Allowances, Expenses, and Mileage Payment

How to apply to work at G4S

If you want to learn more about how to apply to G4S, check out our next article, where we are going to break down some details about applying for G4S.

How to become a G4S worker?

If you want to work for one of the biggest security companies operating in South Africa, you need to learn how to apply for them!

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