These are some of the best dividend stock yielders in 2022

Having a good dividend yielder is a must on a nice wallet. Check out our list of some of the best dividend yielders in 2022.


There are many reasons why dividend yielders are so popular. For one, they provide a way for investors to earn money without having to sell their shares.

 This is especially beneficial for long-term investors who are looking to compound their returns over time.

In addition, dividend yielders tend to be some of the most stable and reliable stocks on the market.

This is because companies that pay dividends are typically well-established and have strong fundamentals. As a result, they tend to be less volatile than other types of stocks.

So, taking everything into consideration, in this article we are going to be presented some of the best dividend yielders in 2022.

As a disclaimer, this will consider not only the percentage of dividend share, the company state, and stability.
Last, but not least, this is an informative and somewhat my opinion on some of these stocks. They are not investment recommendations at all.

With all said and done, here are some of the best dividend stock yielders in 2022.

What kind of stock to buy in the recession?

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Suncor Energy Inc. (SU)

Suncor is not simply another major energy provider.

 For starters, Suncor owns a sizable amount of oil refining and distribution assets, so its success is not solely dependent on the price of crude oil.

And to that point, this year’s record-breaking growth in refining margins has added profitability to Suncor’s operations.

The fact that Suncor is well-known in the Canadian oil sands is another major benefit. Once they are up and running, these oil sands are long-life assets that can continue to operate for decades with hardly any production decline.

 Suncor’s current, operational output stands out as a significant competitive advantage in a world where governments and environmentally sensitive investors have imposed severe restrictions on new oil production assets and extensive stock repurchase plans.

Even though Suncor’s shares have increased significantly this year, its valuation is still attractive. The stock has a yield of 4.2%, is selling for about 5 times projected earnings, and has a significant stock repurchase program.

Northrim BanCorp Inc. (NRIM)

One of Alaska’s few major indigenous financial firms is Northrim BanCorp. Only a few national banks operate up north, isolating the Alaskan financial industry.

Due to the reduced level of market rivalry, local businesses like Northrim are able to enjoy substantially larger net interest margins than their counterparts in the lower 48 states.

 In addition, Alaska has something special. The state receives royalties from its significant oil output and distributes these royalties to Alaskans annually in the form of an oil dividend. With the rise in oil prices, more money ought to be going directly to Alaskan consumers. Northrim is enjoying this wealth.

The bank recently gave its shareholders a hefty 22% dividend increase in August, and earnings are increasing. As a result, the bank’s dividend yield rises to 4.1%, and its stock is currently trading for less than 9 times the expected earnings.

Trinton International Limited (TRTN)

Triton International Limited is a company that specializes in buying, renting, and re-renting different kinds of intermodal containers. The business also deals in trading equipment in addition to the aforementioned activities.

At the conclusion of 2021, Triton International Limited restarted its share repurchase program, and in the first three months of 2022, it repurchased more than 3.3 million shares.

In Q1, the company handed out dividends to stockholders totaling almost $42 million, up from $38.1 million in the corresponding quarter previous year. A $0.65 quarterly dividend with a dividend yield of 4.52% is paid by Triton International Limited as of the 21st of July.

The company’s 25% payout ratio means that dividend growth will probably continue to be strong in the ensuing quarters.

17 hedge funds have $303.8 million worth of positions in Triton International Limited, according to Insider Monkey’s Q1 2022 database. Comparatively, 21 hedge funds held interests in the business during the prior quarter, with total stakes amounting to $254.2 million.

Southern Comp (SO)

Southern is a powerful utility that is undergoing fast change. Historically, Southern relied heavily on coal to produce its electricity, but in recent years it has shifted to natural gas, nuclear power, and renewable energy sources.

 Some of these new generation facilities, like Southern’s nuclear power reactors, have had severe cost overruns.

 Recently, there have been some problems with pricing and supply constraints in the solar business.

 But the Inflation Reduction Act’s enactment, which includes large subsidies for renewable energy, should give Southern a big boost in this area. In a broader sense, Southern operates in numerous markets with sound demographics and regulators who have a generally positive outlook for the utility sector.

Due to good regulatory action regarding its Vogtle Unit 3 nuclear power plant, UBS recently raised Southern’s stock. Currently, shares yield 3.5%.

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