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G4S - Earn up to R11,920 as a security guard and more than average in other activities


Global security firm G4S, based in London, was acquired by Allied Universal in 2021. Allied Universal is a top provider of security and facility services, and it offers proactive security services and cutting-edge innovative technology to give customized integrated security solutions. This means working at G4S equals working for one of the most promising security companies in the world!


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So, if you want to work in an already established company, which already has a very stable career progression, then G4S might be the company to look for! Check out our full review, and if you're interested, find out how to apply right away!

Paid Sick Leave
Paid Holidays
Company Pension Plan
Training from the company

You will remain in the same website

To further safeguard themselves and people under their care, G4S security officers may be required to carry guns in particular areas.

You would have to cover them up with a shirt or jacket, a worker claimed, as they are not acceptable.

Under its so-called care and justice services, G4S operates prisons in the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

Yes. Alcohol use is not allowed on business property unless it is part of an event sponsored by the firm and you are of legal drinking age. Colleagues are expected to cooperate with requests to submit to random drug testing where doing so is mandated by a contract or the law.

The typical G4S monthly wage ranges from roughly R4,904 for Security Officer to R63,851 for custodian, according to the portal Indeed.

If by any means, you want to start small but have more flexibility on your schedule and at the same time you want to gain more experience, you can become a security officer worker.

Check out our article on how to become one, and see if this other job fits your needs!

Become a security officer – Earn R5,542 per month

If you need a job that gives you flexibility and good pay, you should learn how to become a security officer!

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