Need a job? These apps can help you with that

Looking for a job is no easy task at all! So here is a list of some apps that can help you out with this very important process.


Covid-19 not only was a pandemic with a big biological hazard but also was a situation that led many countries through a financial crisis, due to the fact that the lockdown made many jobs just vanish.

Now that we are going back to “normal”, that doesn’t necessarily mean that people who became unemployed are magically getting their jobs back. Some people are facing a really complicated situation due to that.

In order to help these people, here are some apps that you can use so you will be able to find a job faster than just dropping resumés here and there.


We’ll start things off with one of the most known apps related to finding a job. ZipRecruiter became acknowledged by many because of the company’s strategy of spending tons of cash on advertising.

This app helps employers to post down job descriptions while allowing people who want a job to drop their resumés and letters of intent.

One of the best features of ZipRecruiter is that it allows you to filter jobs according to local and your skills, so you will not be like a dog chasing a car. Not only that, this app has reviews from employers to job seekers, and allows you to make a pre-selection of jobs you want to apply for.


This app is kind of the fast version of the above one. A great feature of this app is that it allows you to build your resume with a few clicks of a question, and as simple as that, you can start applying for job positions based on your location and your skills.

Careerbuilder also alerts job seekers every time a position opens up in a location near the candidate and it fits his abilities.

However, that high-paced speed has a downside. Recently, many people used Career builder for scams, asking people for money in order to apply for a job.

Unfortunately, no place is safe from dishonest people, but developers are aware of this problem and are taking care of it. In the meantime, watch out for opportunities that are “too good to be true”


This app is an option if you are not too desperate for a job, and instead, prefer to carefully study your options. As the name of the app suggests, Glassdoor is a showcase for companies to call out talents for their workforce.

With that said, the app has a review for each and every company registered, with the reviews made by employees themselves, so you can have an inside opinion regarding the job you want to apply for.

The icing on the cake is its modern interface, which allows easy navigation and the possibility to make a brand new resumé in a few minutes and start applying.

Bonus: We work remotely

A great option if you are looking for a remote job, this app saves a lot of time if you are the kind the person who sees a job, starts dreaming, and applied to it only to find out there are location dependencies.

If, because of Covid-19, you have adopted a remote job due to health issues or because you have more quality of life, We work remotely is the app you need to look at.

Looking for a job is most likely a very complicated task that may make many of us feel nervous or doubt our own capacity. It is already a very stressful task, so why not use the technology to help you out?

With these options, you will be able to choose carefully the app you see fit, will have the opportunity to look for the companies’ credentials, and thus, give the next step on your career with security.

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