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First National Bank can be a good option for you!

FNB - Up to R 300 000 in personal loans!


First National Bank (FNB) stands out as a dependable and trusted option when it comes to personal loans. With FNB, you have financial flexibility for a range of demands thanks to loan amounts up to R300,000. The customized interest rates, which begin at 12.75% annually, guarantee competitive terms catered to your credit score.


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Peace of mind and credibility is provided by FNB's standing as the oldest bank in South Africa and its dedication to client service. Time and effort are saved by the ease of applying via Internet banking or the mobile app and by the speedy pre-approval. You can confidently take charge of your money with FNB's flexible payback duration of up to 60 months and the choice of debt insurance. Check out our full review if you need more information, and if you are already convinced, check out how to apply for the loan!

Flexible Loan Ammounts
Competitive rates
Quick approval process

You will remain in the same website

You can borrow any amount you need from the R1,000 to R300,000 in personal loans offered by FNB.

FNB Personal Loan interest rates are variable and begin at 12.75% annually. Your creditworthiness determines the specific rate you receive.

Yes, FNB does not charge any fees for paying back personal loans early. You have the option to pay off the debt earlier than expected.

You can select a term from FNB's range of up to 60 months (5 years), allowing you to find one that works with your finances and spending plan.

For current customers, the pre-approval procedure for FNB Personal Loans takes only a few minutes. You have quick access to the money after approval.

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Not only do you have a quick approval process and support from Absa itself, but you can borrow up to R 350,000 in Personal Loans, check it out!

Absa Bank Personal Loan Full review!

Absa Bank allows you to borrow a good ammount of money with great rates, so you can have some space in your financial life!

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