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Anglo American - It pays its employees an average of R 457 578 a year.


Anglo American can be a great fit for you if a career in mining is something you're interested in. The company offers a variety of opportunities for professionals at all levels as one of the biggest mining firms in the world. You can join a team that is dedicated to having a good impact on regional communities and the environment because the company places a high emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility.


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Consider applying for a position at Anglo American if you're seeking a demanding and satisfying career in the mining sector. If you want more information on the process, please, check out our article on how to apply for the company!

Good Salary
Career development
Wellness program

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Many positions are available at Anglo American in a variety of fields, including mining, engineering, geology, finance, human resources, and more.

The skills needed to work at Anglo American depend on the particular position. Yet, the majority of jobs call for pertinent tertiary education and/or appropriate work experience.

In order to aid recent graduates and up-and-coming talent in developing their abilities and gaining real-world experience, Anglo American provides a variety of internship and graduate programs.

Anglo American is dedicated to fostering an environment at work where people can work together, learn, and develop.

Anglo American provides a variety of opportunities for career growth, including internal job postings, mentoring opportunities, and training and development programs.

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