How to apply for a student loan at Standard Bank?

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Are you eager to pursue your higher education goals but concerned about the costs involved? Standard Bank’s student loan program is here to support you in pursuing your academic goals.

This article serves as a thorough tutorial on “How to Apply for a Student Loan at Standard Bank,” arming you with all the knowledge you need to confidently start your academic journey.

Learn how to apply for a Standard Bank student loan in a few easy steps to open the door to a better future. We can help you with everything from eligibility requirements to needed paperwork.

Let’s look at how this student loan program can help you succeed in school and create new chances.

Who can apply?

  • Citizenship of South Africa: To be eligible for the loan, applicants must be citizens of South Africa.
  • Enrolled in Participating Universities: Only students enrolled in recognized South African universities are eligible for the student loan. The University of Pretoria, Stellenbosch, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, Northwest University, the University of Limpopo, and The University of the Free State are among the participating universities.
  • Household Income: A key factor in evaluating eligibility is the applicant’s household income. The Standard Bank student loan is available to anyone whose family income is less than R600,000.
  • Existing Standard Bank Account: Applicants must already have a transactional account with Standard Bank in order to begin the application process. They can open an account before applying for the loan if they don’t already have one.

How is the application process at Standard Bank?


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Standard Bank’s student loan application procedure is intended to be simple and open to anyone. The loan application process can be completed online, on the Standard Bank app, or in person at a branch.

Individuals must make sure they meet the qualifying standards before starting the application.

An official university registration letter, evidence of household income (such as payslips or pension receipts), recent proof of residence, academic results for current university students, and a valid South African identity document are typically required.

Applicants should gather these documents before beginning the application process.

It is imperative for people who do not already have a Standard Bank account to acquire one since this is a crucial need for the application.

Applicants can fill out the application form with their personal and financial information and submit it for review once all the required information and papers are prepared.

After reviewing the application, Standard Bank will determine the loan amount depending on the student’s financial requirements and the university-approved courses.

Six months after the student has finished their studies, the student loan repayment period will begin. It’s crucial to remember that the loan has an interest rate and regular servicing charges.

However, the loan’s adaptable payback conditions let students efficiently handle their money.

Students can get financial aid with a student loan from Standard Bank by completing the application process and providing the required information, making their goals of attending college more attainable.

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