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VKB Retail offers employees the opportunity to have the mindset of an entrepreneur while also having access to reach and resources. The company fosters a culture of collaboration and the presence of retail outlets throughout South Africa creates various opportunities for employees to shape their future and advance their careers.


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Working at VKB Retail can be a fantastic opportunity if you're looking to work for a seasoned organization that is also modern and expanding. View our complete evaluation, and if you're interested in learning more, look at our "Apply now!" page.

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VKB Agriculture's retail outlets offer a wide variety of products, including fuel, fertilizer, chemicals, seeds, medication for livestock, animal feed, irrigation, steel, fencing, building material, packaging, and general hardware.

VKB Agriculture values fresh thinking, people empathy, integrity, self-confidence, and a positive attitude in its employees. It also offers a range of benefits and perks to its employees, such as employee discounts, wellness programs, and opportunities for learning and growth.

VKB Agriculture is a large and diverse company with a range of industries under its umbrella, so there may be opportunities for career advancement and growth within the company depending on an individual's qualifications and experience.

VKB Agriculture focuses on standardization and offering complete product ranges in its outlets. The company has established two distribution centers, in Bethlehem and Mokopane, with the aim to improve the availability of products in the outlets. Additionally, it has upgraded some of its branches, like Polokwane, Sasol fuel station in Frankfort, and the retail outlet in Bethlehem, to enhance the shopping experience and offering to the farmers and general public.

Fresh thinking, human empathy, integrity, self-confidence, and a fantastic business head employee with a positive attitude are among the basic values of VKB Group. These principles underpin the business's mission and help to define its culture. Also, they serve as both the cornerstone of the Group's operations and the essence of its identity. With an emphasis on enhancing the rural economy, the organization supports staff learning and development.

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