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These Are The Poorest Cities in America (2022)

Find out which are the poorest cities in the United States today! We made a list with 6 of them and what led them to this situation.


Do you know which is the poorest city in America? Maybe you don’t know, but the United States has one of the worst inequalities in the west, in which some cities people are much richer than the general average life.

To show the situation, the American Community Survey 2019 of the Census Bureau, gathered enough data, which was analyzed by 24/7 Wall St.1 and showed which cities are in the worst situations. In the analysis, cities with more than 61,000 inhabitants were excluded and the states of Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming did not participate.

We have separated some of the poorest cities in different states of the USA for you to check out:

See The Most Poor Cities in America 2022

The poorest Cities in the USA

1.    Missouri: Springfield

The city of Springfield, Missouri has an average household income of $35,677 and a poverty rate of 20.9%.

Although the region in which the city is located has beautiful landscapes and mountains, most of its inhabitants cannot simply enjoy them and relax.

In 2015, the city of Springfield was declared a state of “severe fiscal distress” by the federal government. That’s because most families struggled to qualify for free or reduced lunches as family incomes were tight.

Although some attempts have been made to reverse the situation, one in five city residents is still below the recommended line.

2.    Pennsylvania: Erie

In the city of Erie, located in the state of Pennsylvania, the median household income is $35,798, while the median state income is $63,463. Erie’s poverty rate is 28.5%, which is more than double the state’s rate (12%).

Despite the beautiful views and relatively low-priced homes, life in Erie is not what people imagine it to be. The city has seen a huge decline in jobs, especially higher-paying jobs.

Between 2008 and 2018, the city lost half of its CEOs, 8% of its accountants, 10% of its IT employees, 20% of its lawyers, and 40% of its engineers, as reported by the Associated Press.

All this impacted the city to have this poverty rate so much higher than the state average.

3.    Texas: Pharr city

Pharr has a median household income of $36,342, while the median income for the state It is in, Texas, is $64,034. The city’s poverty rate is even more alarming, reaching 38.1%, while Texas has a rate of 13.6%.

Pharr is a border town, connected by a bridge to Mexico City Reynosa, and has the highest poverty rate on the list, with 4 out of 10 people. According to The Texas Tribune, poverty levels in cities in Texas are highest along the border.

Pharr also has a high rate of child poverty, with 45% living below the line. Also, while the state rate of people with a bachelor’s degree is 31%, in Pharr City, that figure is 13%.

4.    Georgia: Albany

Albany, located in Georgia, has a household income of $31,397 and a poverty rate of 31%. While the state of Georgia has an average household income of $61,980 and a poverty rate of 13.3%.

The unemployment rate in Albany was above 12% in the year 2019 and the poverty rate of the place is more than twice that of the state. Furthermore, the city’s poorest population is concentrated almost entirely in the poorest neighborhoods, with 4 in 10 clustered in low-income areas.

Many people end up leaving Albany after graduating in order to get better opportunities.

5.    Indiana: Gary city

The median household income in Gary, Indiana is $31,341 and the poverty rate is 30%. In contrast, the median household income in the state of Indiana is $57,603 and the poverty rate is nearly three times lower at 11.9%.

Although a few years ago many families had stable jobs and a solid income, after automation took over the factories, the city’s scenario changed.

Gary’s biggest factories, such as Gary Works, had their jobs drastically reduced due to foreign competition. Currently, about 30% of the city lives below the poverty line.

6.    Ohio: Youngstown citie

Youngstown has the lowest median household income on the list at $29,143 and a 37.9% poverty rate. The state of Ohio, in which the city is located, has a household income of $58,642 and a 13.1% poverty rate.

So, according to the analysis of 24/7 of Wall St, Youngstown is not only the poorest city in Ohio but also in the entire country.

As in other cities, Youngstown’s decline was due to the departure of large factories and the exponential increase in layoffs in steel and metallurgical companies that happened over the years.

Today, in addition to the adults struggling to make ends meet with their low wages and high unemployment in the city, more than half of the children live below the poverty line in Youngstown.

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