These are some of the most used apps by teenagers

Understanding the apps that teenagers use is understanding teenagers themselves. Here is a list of some of the most used apps by teenagers.


Today’s teenagers are the generation who were born and raised during the outbreak of the smartphone era, which means they are the fittest people in terms of using technology.

However, what are the most used apps used by a teenager in the U.S.A.? Some of them will not be as surprising as you might think, but some of our placements might be interesting to see (especially if you are not a teenager anymore)

#1 TikTok

Turns out one of the most used apps in America is also the top spot app downloaded and used by teenagers.

Despite the fact that I already quoted TikTok numerous times during my articles, there is a very good for it: this app is just a sensation.

With the ability to make and watch sort videos for your amusement, with such sketches that transcend the places they were made, TikTok is already of the most popular apps of all time, no question about it.

#2 Instagram

Another heavyweight in social media, Instagram is a very popular app among teenagers as well, mostly because it fits better the needs of posting pictures and talking to people online.

Not only that, but Instagram was kind of the “younger version of Facebook”. As we know, teenagers like to make their parents feel old and outdated, so using Instagram and TikTok instead of other social media kinds does exactly this.

#3 YouTube

As we already know, some teenagers like to burn some time by watching videos, regardless of the intent. What better place to suit this need than the biggest video platform there is on the internet?

On YouTube, teenagers can watch everything about any kind of subject. Is there any new music popular among teenagers? Look into the YouTube?

Some new series or video game that will completely set the world on fire? YouTube.

The icing on the cake is the addition of YouTube shorts, another way that content creators can spread their jobs on the platform.

#4 Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu/etc.

There are a lot of streaming apps worldwide with such incredible catalogs, and we know everybody has their own favorite apps for any reason at all. So, it isn’t fair to put only one streaming platform on the list, hence this category.

The reason why these apps are so popular among teenagers is that they not only are a source of distraction, like YouTube, but it’s a great opportunity to find content to post and create on social media (like Instagram and TikTok).

Well, sometimes what a teenager wants to do is just sit back and relax while watching his favorite series, who knows? Either way, these apps surely deserve a spot on the list.

#5 Discord

This might come as a surprise for many parents, but the truth is the “Skype and TeamSpeak spiritual successor” is very popular among teenagers, especially gamers.

However, not only for them, Discord allowed people to create an entire online community, especially during the pandemic, mitigating the sensation of loneliness created during the pandemic.

Despite the worse part of covid-19 already passed (we hope so), there is no doubt that Discord groups will still endure for quite some time.

Many apps are used by teenagers for many different reasons, and in order to have some kind of mix (despite the conclusion that teenagers love social media and video apps), I would like to make an honorable mention: WhatsApp.

It is the most used communication app (not considering social media) and probably would figure out in every list regarding most used apps.

One thing is for sure: these apps are the lens through which our teenagers perceive the world. By understanding this, we can better understand the generations to come.

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