These 3 apps can help you with your finances

Having a good understanding of your financial life is a must. Here is a list of 3 apps that can help you out with your financial app.


We all know that in the world that we live on, apps can be a man’s or a woman’s best friends.

With it, we are able to have a much easier time regarding many tasks, such as communication, via WhatsApp, or seeing a video, regardless of the subject, with YouTube.

However, there are some areas of your lives that we tend to neglect, for whatever reason. Unfortunately, one of the most common areas for this to happen is finances, because it is also one of the most important areas for a healthy and quiet life.

Thinking on this, here are 3 apps that we researched that may help you with your finances.

How to make an excellent household budget

The job of making an excellent household budget may seem difficult. Here is a very simple guide so you can make yours today!

1- Mint

Considered by many the best app for finances. What makes this app so popular is the care of its developers regarding customer experience.

As we discussed before, we live in a high-paced world, so, most of us simply do not have the time to stop and note down every income or outcome we receive every time.

That’s where Mint comes in, it allows you to sync all your bank accounts into one space and track down all your incomes and outcomes.

Another great feature about Mint is the ability to track spending and savings, and if you want, you can set up a saving goal so you can be on track with everything you spend.

The icing on the cake, security is an essential aspect for Mint Devs, so they invest in tools like high encryption and multi-factor authentication, in order to keep all your banking data safe.


The acronym for You Need a Budget, the app’s name pretty much defines what you can do with this app.

It is important to note that YNAB takes security as seriously as Mint Developers. So now that we addressed the elephant in the room, let’s talk about the app’s features.

Making a budget may be too complicated and sometimes may seem like torture. Like making a diet for a person, saving and separating money may seem a very harsh task, especially in the first days.

Budgeting may seem a very complicated word due to these motives, and one of the greatest critics of YNAB is its curve of learning and difficulties sometimes. But at some this same kind of focus required is what makes you more committed to your goals.

So if you want a very good app for budgeting, and are not afraid of a little challenge, give YNAB a go.

3- Personal Capital

 Personal Capital is the most robust of our 3 apps, it haves features from both apps, which is incredible.

With it, you can make excellent retirement planning, synching with your bank accounts, and make your budgets based on your goals.

With this, you have one of the most intuitive and well-rounded designs, which allows you to fully understand your investments and savings.

The major downside is: that unless you have at least $ 100,000.00 invested, you will lose a lot of features, and you will feel the app is “too expensive for the features you need”

However, if you are one of these people who already have some money saved, there is no app better than Personal Capital, so you can prepare for your next steps.

Most of everything that is new may seem very complicated in the beginning, but rest assured that, when you finally understand how to use these apps, you will ask yourself “Why haven’t I tested early?”

So, take a look at these apps and take control of your financial life, with some touches on your phone!

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