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The rise of 5G: how it affects the way you navigate on the internet

Our internet connection is about to get better! Check out this article about how 5G might be the beginning of a new revolution.


The Internet is one of the most important inventions of this generation. It has transformed the way we communicate, process information, and interact with the world around us.

 It is a powerful tool that has connected people from all corners of the globe and provided access to vast amounts of information at our fingertips. The Internet is a game changer, and its impact on our generation is undeniable.

Taking this into consideration, we keep improving, from time to time, our internet connection gets better, with more speed, fewer connection problems, and the capacity to keep us connected with more people at the same time.

For some people, the most important internet connection they can have is the one that they have on their phones when they are outside their homes.

If we take a deeper look, we are going through a new revolution regarding internet connection. We are changing from 4G to 5G. This is by far one of the most important changes in recent times.

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Where we are now: the 4G

4G was announced in 2009. This was a revolution in wireless technology. It allowed for much faster data speeds and improved coverage. 4G quickly became the standard for new devices.

When it comes to an internet connection, 4G was a revolution, it improves speed by 10x. To give an example, with 3G, it would take 26 hours to download a 3-hour movie. With 4G, it takes 6 minutes.

So, 13 years don’t seem such a long time period, the transition from 3G to 4G was so organic that many people didn’t even realize it.

 Well, when it comes to technology and communications, some scientists say we are doubling the amount of information and technological power every 2 years.

What does this mean to 5G?

The future: the mighty 5G

In the statement above it was told about the improvement regarding downloading a 3-hour movie. If in 4G it would take 6 minutes, in 5G it will take 4… seconds.

As said, we are talking about the exponential improvement we are having with technology, here are some improvements 5G will be making if you compare it with 4G:

-10 times decreasing in latency: from 10 milliseconds average to 1 millisecond;

-10 times more connection density, which allows more stable connections from a single point, like a router, for example;

-100 times traffic capacity, allowing you to download and upload things even faster;

How is this going to change my life?

Well, long story short, 5G will allow us to have a bigger number of connections, at a very high speed, with more people connected at the same place.

This is the type of thing that makes a huge difference when it comes to creating even larger connections and servers, with denser data at such high speed, a perfect environment for IoT

Internet of things, or IoT, is a very interesting subject that would give an article of its own, but it is a kind of technology that would allow you to have fully automated smart homes.

For example, when your fridge realizes you are going out on fruits, it would automatically puts it on your shopping list.

With 5G, this kind of communication between devices could be evolved for a city, and if you look into other points of interest such as the environmental issue, it is possible to create more economical, productive, and sustainable cities.

These are but some possibilities we are predicting, but we are talking of human ingenuity, it is for sure only the tip of the iceberg, that 5G will allow us.

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