The best apps to use if you are traveling

Planning a trip may seem easy, but it requires attention to every detail. We brought you a list of the best travel apps.


Planning a trip may seem easy, but it is hard work and requires attention to every detail. There are many items to decide on and buy. As most of the time the tourist has a long list of things to do and a short stay, planning each item to optimize the travel time may seem like an impossible mission.

In order to help you with this task, we brought you a list of the best travel apps.

Google Travel

This app is great to help you in the planning stage. Especially if your decision for your destination depends on the value of the tickets, the main attractions of each place, and the evaluation of the hotels at your destination. It is the necessary kick-off to plan any trip.


This app is specifically for those traveling through the USA and Canada, including some locations in Mexico. It will show you attractions beyond the usual ones. During the planning, you will mark all the attractions that appeal to you, and then the app will draw the best route.

The only downside is that the free version only gives you 5 stops. In the Plus account version, for $29.99 per year, you can add unlimited stops and have offline maps available.


This app helps you organize everything you need for a trip: flights, accommodation, car rental, and restaurant reservations, among other information. Put it all together and email it to the TripeCase website, and the next time you log into the app you will have a chronologically organized roadmap waiting for you.

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This app helps you find lodging that can range from shared rooms to luxurious beachfront homes. And that diversity is the best thing about this app, as it allows tourists to match the price they are willing to pay with the features of the accommodation.

Despite being known for being a hotel booking site, with it is possible to purchase almost everything you will need for your trip: accommodation, flights, car rentals, city tours, and tickets to attractions.

Culture Trip

Choosing what to do each day of the trip can be the hardest part for a tourist. Knowing what is best for optimizing travel time from one tourist spot to another can take a lot of research work. Therefore, using Culture trip is an option to save time when defining the trip itinerary and also to choose the best places to visit in each place.

In addition, this app offers many articles about a variety of travel destinations.

With this name, the traveler might think at first that this is an app only for booking hotels, but it actually covers a diversity of accommodations: vacation homes, bed and breakfasts, motels, and apartments you can explore and book.


This is one of the best known around the world. Many hotels and restaurants bear the winning label as one of the top choices according to traveler reviews in this app. It’s one of the most comprehensive online sources for travelers, with background information about different cities and regions, plus highlights of what to see and do.

You can read reviews of hotels, restaurants, and activities, written by members of the Tripadvisor community, as well as see photos they’ve uploaded so you know what to expect before you arrive.

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