How to make money with day trade in the stock market?

Some people think that being a day trader in the stock market may be a scam, but it isn't. Learn more about it now!


Is this promise real or fake?

Occasionally, people on social media will brag about the huge profits they make from heavy one-day bets placed on stocks kept for speculation.

They used to say they have done it by being a day trader in the stock market.

Day trading: does this investment tactic really…

Day trading is one of the most controversial investment tactics that exist. What is day trading? Does it really work? Check out now!

What could be better than investing in a few trending stocks, waiting a short while, and then making over $100,000? It sounds incredibly easy and basic.

Years ago, the only people who could engage in active stock market trading were those employed by big financial institutions, brokerages, and trading houses.

Online trading and the immediate transmission of news have leveled the playing field, or should we say trading?

Retail investors may now attempt to trade like professionals more easily than ever thanks to platforms like Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, and Charles Schwab’s 0% commissions and user-friendly trading apps.

Day trading has the potential to be a successful career. For newcomers, especially those without a clear strategy.

 And remember that even the most experienced day traders can run into trouble and lose money.

What is day trading?

You are already a day trader in the Stock Market if you have ever initiated and closed a position on the same trading day.

The act of buying and selling stocks during the same trading day without holding positions overnight is known as day trading.

Most people who identify as day traders occasionally employ alternative strategies such as swing trading, although most trades are opened and closed simultaneously.

Technical analysis is crucial to day trading tactics, since day traders are seeking to forecast a price movement minutes or seconds in advance.

The fundamentals of investing are always the same: buy low and sell high.

Although day traders employ technical analysis to establish positions, it also offers hints as to when that high or low will actually happen.

Day traders can enter and exit positions quickly using tactics such as momentum or gap and go (or sometimes even seconds).

What is the difference between day trading and value investing?

As stated before, Day trading and Value investing are almost the same things. The only characteristic that differs them is that while in day trading, all the operations are done on a daily basis, value investing, it may take months, or even years for you to get your money back and profit on it.

Another crucial difference is the time window an investor will analyze in order to make a good investment.

While day traders need to be focused on technical and analytics in order to foresee seconds or even minutes, value investing will be looking at the market and customer’s behavior in order to predict the long future.

What do you need to be a good day trader?

There are many things you need to be aware of if you are planning on being a good day trader. However, there are 3 main things to look out for:

Always keep learning

Do research. The stocks you want to trade must be listed. Stay on top of general markets, stocks and chosen companies. Examine business news and add reliable news websites.

Start Small

As a beginner, focus on no more than one or two stocks at once. It is easier to track and spot possibilities with fewer stocks.

Recently, trading fractional shares have grown in popularity. You now have the choice to make smaller investments.

Be realistic about your profits

A strategy does not have to be effective every time in order to be profitable.

Only 50% to 60% of trades won by profitable traders are likely to be profitable. However, they benefit more from their wins than from their losses.

Make sure the entry and exit strategies are clear and that the financial risk connected with each trade is limited to a specific amount of your account.

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