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The 7 worst U.S. presidents

Here is a list about America's worst presidents, either because of their administrative skills, pro-slavery or worse.


The United States already had its fair share of amazing presidents. But even the most beautiful basket has its rotten apples.

Here are some of the worst presidents the U.S ever had, we are making this list based on the CSPAN Presidential History Survey, which ranked the presidents over 10 categories.

We will be making this ranking from the “best” to the worst American presidential history has to offer. Without further ado, let’s start out the list with:

7-Millard Fillmore (1850-1853)

Fillmore became president after the death of Zachary Taylor, who died because of stomach problems.

Fillmore opens our list because it is his responsibility the signing the Fugitive Slave Act. This law endorses those fugitive slaves should be returned to their former owners in the case them being found.

Despite the fact that this act was signed as a bargain for the passing of the Compromising of 1850, this act is widely repudiated in virtue of the regress against slavery.

That’s why Millard Fillmore opens our list.

6- John Tyler (1841-1845)

Tyler is the first president who ascended from the death of the former one (William Henry Harrison, who will soon appear on our list).

He is on our list mainly based on his poor ability in knowing how to deal with Congress.

Not only did his party kick him out, but he also thought that a president should be the one who dictates the country’s policy, not Congress.

He was the first president to have his veto revoked by Congress.

5-William Henry Harrison (1841)

Tyler’s predecessor, and as we said before, only lasted 32 days as president before he passed away. What kind of thing could he have done during those 32 days of work that gained him the title of one of U. S’s worst presidents? Well… he basically didn’t work.

History says that during his time as president it became a routine that job seekers would come to the White House and ask to talk with the Chief Executive, well, Harrison himself.

This led to such organizational chaos that the president himself told in a letter that there were some he simply wasn’t able to work with.

If this kind of behavior led to chaos in 32 days, imagine a year, or more…

4- Donald J Trump (2017-2021)

Despite the fact that Trump is a Billionaire and built an empire before becoming president, looks like his experience as a businessman wasn’t of much help when he became President.

What makes Trump so high on this list, beyond his poor admirative skills as the chief executive, is the fact that Donald J Trump is the only president in the history of the United States who not only faced impeachment once but twice in his career.

3- Franklin Pearce (1853-1857)

Starting our top 3 we got this man, who, believed or not, thought the abolitionist movement was a threat to the nation.

By enforcing the Fugitive Slave Law and alienating the anti-slavery groups with the Kansas-Nebraska Act, he showed his pro-slavery support.

Franklin Pearce breaks our top 3 not only because of his acts but because his mandate years later would lead the U. S. into a Civil War.

2- Andrew Johnson (1865-1869)

This man succeeded Abraham Lincoln after his assassination in 1865. What makes Johnson so high (or so low) in our list is how he took Lincoln’s achievements, and kind of ignored them.

He quickly reestablished the seceded states without protecting the newly-freed people, who were former slaves in these states. Not only that, Johnson tried to sidestep Congress on several occasions, which led to an impeachment attended by the house of representatives in 1868.

He was acquitted by the senate with the margin of one vote, but this does not take Andrew Johnson the spot as the second worst president America ever had.

1- James Buchanan (1857-1861)

What makes this man the worst president in United States history? Basically, if Franklin Pearce was the man that leaned U. S. over a Civil War, James Buchanan was the man who tried to put out the fire with gasoline.

Not only did he approve pro-slavery laws during his mandate, but at the same time, he minimized the role of the government preceding the Civil War and was able to simultaneously anger both North and South states.

Ironically as it seems, Abraham Lincoln succeded him and is widely regarded as the finest U. S. president of history. The worst? Well, that’s Buchanan’s spot.

Despite the fact that the choice of who’s the best or the worst is sometimes a matter of opinion, if you are a man capable of angering the most antagonist of sides, this opinion can quite well be testified as a fact very quickly.

By making this list based on a bunch of categories, rated by different historians, this list is purely data-based, not my opinion. But you, what would be your top 7 worst U. S. Presidents?

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