Is it better to rent or to own your job?

To invest or not to invest? Is it better to make a business of my own? I share with you my vision about this matter.


When we talk about creating a good net worth so we can retire or achieve our goals, a lot of news and articles regarding this matter have a huge focus on creating passive income, which means investing in stocks, and real estate, among others.

However, for some people, it is a good idea to create a business of its own, and I am not talking about great startups and disruptive businesses. For some people, a little business on something they like is more than enough.

So, in this article, we are going to be discussing the pros and cons of having your own business/” renting” a business, so you can decide which one fits your needs and yourself.

The story of Apple

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What is the first thing we need to be looking at

You may be debating whether you should open your own company because managing one can be challenging; you have to start from the beginning and grow it while taking many risks.

Additionally, investing your money can be challenging because you can’t predict your return on investment (ROI).

It depends on the type of business or investment strategy you intend to pursue, is the response.

Let’s examine various justifications for starting a business as opposed to making an investment.

My humble opinion

You may hire a job. Alternatively, you might work for yourself. Owning a business is not simple.

 Additionally, renting a job is not necessarily a bad idea. Renting a job, receiving a paycheck, and saving your way to a great life may be more straightforward.

But I personally would prefer to do it by running my own business. If I have to work, I’d prefer to do it at a job I created for myself, even if that means taking all the risks.

You should include your enterprises and any jobs you created that you can sell in your net worth if you think about it.

There’s a chance this company isn’t worth millions. But it has some value. I work at this job every day, yet it differs from all the other occupations I’ve ever done in that it has financial value.

Why should you start a business?

Compared to investing money, starting your own business carries less risk. The worst thing that can happen when beginning a business, especially a small one, is for it to collapse. If this does happen, all of the work you put into starting it will be for naught, so there are no significant losses when starting out on your own!

When you invest, though, you run the risk of someone else’s business failing or not performing well enough for you to receive your money back.

Additionally, there would be some other hazards related to investments and inflation that could result in an excessive rise or decline in the price of stocks and bonds (although these things have happened before).


Is starting a business better than investing?

That is dependent upon your individual plans and aspirations. Start a business, for instance, if starting money is not a concern for you or if you don’t mind risking starting money in order to get even more start-ups in the future.

However, investing should be preferred if you’re looking at it as a way to make money in the meantime and are prepared to put the time, effort, and possibly even money into the start-up costs.

In the end, it’s up to you: do you live for work or work for a living? How important is what you work for yourself? In the end, you need to meditate on this and other questions.

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