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Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond Credit Card might be the one you need!

Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond - Amazing Lifestyle and travel benefits!


With the Standard Bank Diners Club Beyond credit card, you may up your lifestyle and experience exceptional things. This unique card provides access to a world of luxury, travel, and entertainment rewards.  It was created for the discerning traveler and lifestyle enthusiast. Take advantage of free basic travel insurance, access to airport lounges in more than 140 countries, and individualized concierge services.


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The Diners Club Beyond card is a means to receive VIP service because it has a customized credit limit and a reasonable monthly charge. Use the Diners Club SA Mobile App and SnapScan for simple transactions to embrace the digital age. Here is where your road to a lifeless commonplace begins. Check out our articles about the full review and how to apply, so you will have all the information you are going to need to decide to apply!

Lounge Access
Concierge service
Travel Insurance
Car Rental Privileges

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The monthly fee for the Beyond credit card is R85.00.

In order to be eligible for the Beyond credit card, candidates must earn at least R250,000.00 annually.

Yes, cardholders can do so by calling the Member Service Center at 0860-DINERS (346377) and requesting a limit increase.

When plane tickets are bought with the Beyond credit card, Phase 1 basic travel insurance is offered free of charge, providing security while traveling.

There is an R30.00 monthly service charge in addition to the R85.00 monthly price. The card doesn't, however, charge an introductory fee.

If you want even more exclusivity and you earn more than R500,000 yearly, you should take a look at the Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card.

Benefits for travel, lifestyle, and insurance are available, elevating your private banking experience. You should definitely check it out!

Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card ...

If you are the kind of person who travels a lot and gains a lot of money, this might be the card you will need to have!

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