Interesting apps for blind people

It is not because a person cannot see clearly that he or she cannot enjoy a smartphone. Here are some apps for the visually impaired


There are many misconceptions about blind people and the technologies available to them.

One common misconception is that developers of apps and other technologies do not target them.

However, this is not the case. There are actually a number of very interesting apps that have been designed specifically to help those who have eyesight problems.

So, in this article, we are going to be taking a look at some of these apps designed to help and make life easier for people.

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Users who are visually impaired can count their money precisely thanks to LookTel Money Reader.

 LookTel makes an effort to recognize money and says the denomination.

 For blind users who want to exercise financial independence, this software is fantastic.

This app is available on iOS

Seeing AI

A versatile program that enables reading and describing various kinds of documents positioned in front of the smartphone camera, including banknotes and product barcodes.

Even seeing AI can identify objects, colors, and faces, providing information on people’s emotions.

For blind and visually handicapped persons who can nonetheless perceive their surroundings differently, apps like Seeing AI are truly revolutionary.

Accessible on iOS


On Android, Lookout is the Seeing AI app’s counterpart. Simply turning on the camera on their smartphone will allow Lookout to recognize bills and other things. The app’s Quick Read Mode allows users to quickly go over a paragraph, which is perfect for tasks like sorting mail.

A tool that helps the blind and visually impaired streamline their daily routines and save time!

Available via Android


This app, created by Okeenea Digital, is the first indoor wayfinding tool to help persons with visual impairments find their way around challenging environments like museums or universities. Like a GPS, Evelity operates.

The program, which works with VoiceOver and TalkBack, gives blind and visually impaired persons audio directions to lead them step-by-step.

 Without having to be familiar with the location beforehand, people with disabilities can simply find the front desk or the classroom.

This program has also been installed at other locations throughout France, including the Marseilles metro system, the LUMA Foundation, and a medical university in Lyon.

Available on both iOS and Android

Be My Eyes

A mobile application that allows users to ask visually impaired users for assistance in finding clothing matches or product expiration dates.

Users can simply connect thanks to an audio-video connection.

Accessible on both iOS and Android.


Similar to Be My Eyes, Aira pairs blind people with sighted people to assist them in a variety of tasks, such as locating an airport gate.

This program is unique in that the sighted users, known as agents, are specially trained to help the Explorers or blind/visually impaired users.

Despite being free to download, users must pay for the many plans and services that Aira offers. The price may thus be substantial, depending on the formula they select and their needs.

Available on both iOS and Android

Facing Emotions

This app converts the seven main facial expressions of anger, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness, surprise, and contempt into corresponding sounds, allowing visually challenged users to interact with their conversation partners more deeply.

Available on Android


This software provides all feasible modes of transportation, their routes, timetables, and other details about current traffic for folks who are accustomed to riding public transit.

While on a bus, tram, or subway, the software even tells users the names of the stops. When voice announcements aren’t turned on, this proves to be crucial for persons who are blind or visually impaired.

Accessible on both iOS and Android

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