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The Shoprite Group is a major employer in Africa and the largest private sector employer in South Africa. When it comes to wages, you can start as low as R2,000 and in the end, earn as up to R11,326 as a manager!

So, if you want to begin working for a great retail shop in the country, regardless of your reasons, if you want a stable job or simply a work before going on with your career, Shoprite can be the place for you! Check out our full review, and if you're interested, you can learn how to apply right away!

Profit Sharing
401(k) Plan
Defined Benefit Pension Plan
Defined Contribution Pension Plan

Yes, you can send a WhatsApp message to 0872405709 and select Job Opportunities

Shoprite claims it has become a top employer by attracting dedicated workers, fostering their growth and keeping them around, as well as fostering a rewarding work environment that fosters personal and professional development.

An employee claims that the workplace is fantastic and that they had an amazing time. The good thing about Shoprite is that they support departmental growth.

Another employee mentioned that Shoprite is very inclusive and respects people from all backgrounds as one of the primary causes. The person gained more experience and customer service abilities while working at Shoprite. Working in retail can be stressful because of irate customers, but management does a fantastic job of handling them.

For employees, you need a maroon shirt with the ShopRite logo, a hat with the ShopRite emblem, and a name badge with your name and code on it. Shoes and pants should be suitable for the workplace, such as not being sweats. No rippable unclean pants and no open-toed footwear.

However, if you want to work somewhere with more "action", so to say, you should consider working at G4S.

Not only they are one of the biggest security companies worldwide, they also offer training to their employees, being an excellent place to improve.

G4S worker review – Earn R11,920 as a security...

G4S is a very known security company worldwide, and provides many training and career jobs. Check out our review!

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