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For those with a passion for sustainability, innovation, and having a positive effect on their communities, SA Metal, a major player in the Southern African scrap metal market, provides exciting career opportunities. SA Metal gives employees the chance to work in a dynamic, demanding workplace that values creativity and innovation, with a strong emphasis on ethical business practices.

SA Metal is a great option if you're searching for a rewarding and fulfilling career in the scrap metal industry. Check out our article on how to apply if you want to learn what do in order to get a job at the company!

Focus on Safety
Focus on Welfare
Development opportunities
Employee Recognition

To ensure that employees are working safely and effectively, SA Metal offers extensive training and assistance. This includes ongoing development and training initiatives as well as regular safety inspections and evaluations to spot potential dangers.

A variety of career options are available at SA Metal, ranging from entry-level jobs to senior management positions. The organization offers chances for professional development and progress, with an emphasis on internal promotion.

SA Metal employs green practices in its activities as part of its commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices. This entails increasing material recycling, cutting emissions, and improving energy economy.

SA Metal offers a welcoming workplace that encourages cooperation, open communication, and teamwork. The business values its workers and promotes an inclusive and respectful workplace environment.

Various work schedules are available at SA Metal, based on the particular job. There are possibilities for full-time, part-time, and flexible work schedules, as well as for overtime and weekend work.

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