Have you taken a photo and want to remove the background? These apps might help

Want to improve your photos? Let's look at some apps that can help you remove the background from your photos in an easy way.


We live in an age where there are apps to solve almost any kind of problem for those working in the digital world.

And for almost any work in social media, good photos and images matter; it is the lure that holds the user for a few extra seconds on your page. It is for many the chance to attract the audience through the sense of sight since online only hearing and sight can be reached.

And anyone who knows the importance of sensory marketing on social media understands the power of a good image. By the sense of sight, the sensations that can be aroused are::

  • Perception of organization, and harmony;
  • Wishes;
  • Positive impressions about the quality of the product or brand;
  • Actual view of the product.

And many of the good images we come across on the Internet have been through editing applications. Those who have a graphic designer nearby need not worry.

Some apps if you want to make good reels

Reels are pleasant to watch, quick to create and to consume. Followers can get to know you and your brand without investing a lot of time.

But in a world with so many entrepreneurs, apps make a lot of difference in the lives of these people. And before composing the image, one of the first tasks to be done is to eliminate the background or elements that are “polluting” the photo.

Let’s see some apps to help you in this mission!


PicWish is made solely to give you a completely clear cut-out of your subject. It will take over your portrait, product, or even graphic without any hassle. By just directly uploading a photo, afterward, it will present you with the best transparent results.

The technology behind this app is Artificial Intelligence. The software has undergone “training” with real images and thus learns to intelligently remove the background from the photos, bringing a more professional result.

The app has a free version and, as with every app, it offers extra features for a small monthly fee.

In this option, in addition to removing the background, you can do some basic photo editing like resizing and adding new background colors or templates which you can find in the app’s library.

Magic Eraser

An easy-to-use app, Magic Eraser removes unwanted elements from the image in a few seconds and quickly saves it in PNG format. This app also helps you create thumbnails and a youtube banner.

And to use the free version of this application you just need to have the patience to see advertisements appearing on your screen. 

It is also possible to change the background of your image and make it a solid color or black or white. However, this app does not offer an automatic eraser.


For those who need more quality in photo editing, this app will allow you to create a studio-quality transparent photo in just seconds.

It uses only a one-tap background process to erase the unwanted background from your photo and gives you multiple results including the subject with transparent background.

Among the automatic results, subjects with solid background colors and templates are also included.

The free version is limited, but for those who have a business that depends on good photos, it is worth investing to have a real photo studio in the palm of their hands.

With it and the backgrounds available in PhotoRoom, your images will have a professional look and will make your products stand out.


In this app, the user can use its smart select, magic brush, and magical eraser removal tools to manually and automatically delete the unwanted background from photos, may create the PNG format, or merge the subject with any colorful plain background and beautiful templates.

After removing the background, this app enables the user to create photos for their WhatsApp status, and funny good morning, motivational, congratulatory, and romantic pictures by merging the cropped photos with new images.

About the author  /  Marcelo Lopes


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