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Rand Water - An average salary of R 376 281 per year.


Along with outstanding benefits and chances for professional progression, Rand Water offers a dynamic and demanding work atmosphere that promotes growth and development. If you work for Rand Water, you'll be a part of a group committed to making sure that water is both accessible and safe for future generations.


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For those who are passionate about water and its effect on communities, Rand Water is a great location to work. Rand Water, a pioneer in the water sector, is essential in providing secure and pure water to millions of South Africans. Check out our full review if you want more information, and if you already wants to apply, check out our article regarding on how to apply.

Good Salary
Career Development
Job security

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Depending on the position, different qualifications must be met to qualify for employment at Rand Water. However, the majority of jobs demand a pertinent degree or certificate in addition to a pertinent work history.

Certainly, Rand Water provides a range of degree classes and apprenticeships for undergraduates and recent grads.

The atmosphere at Rand Water is one of excellence, collaboration, and creativity, with an emphasis on delivering communities with sustainable and safe water.

Rand Water provides many possibilities for professional development, such as training programs, executive development projects, and promotion chances.

Rand Water offers a stimulating and demanding work environment with chances to work on worthwhile initiatives and have a good influence on society. Additionally, the business supports worker wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance.

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