Becoming a McDonald’s worker: Free Meals on a fast food giant

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As of 2021, McDonald’s served more than 69 million people every day in more than 100 countries through more than 40.000 outlets, making it the largest restaurant company in the world by revenue.

Although they also offer other foods including chicken, fish, fruit, and salads on their menus, McDonald’s is most known for their hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries. The Big Mac and its French fries are two of their most well-known licensed menu items.

How to apply and become a MacDonald’s employee?

Do you want to work on MacDonald's? Check in this article everything you need to know on how to apply and be prepared!

Check out our review about the company and how it is to work in it!

McDonald’s history

Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a restaurant in San Bernardino, California, the year they started the McDonald’s Corporation, an American worldwide fast food franchise.

They changed the name of their company to a hamburger stand and then converted it into a franchise. In 1953, the Golden Arches emblem was first used at a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.

Businessman Ray Kroc (1902–1984) joined the organization in 1955 as a franchise agent before going on to buy the chain from the McDonald brothers.

Previously located in Oak Brook, Illinois, McDonald’s relocated its worldwide headquarters to Chicago in June 2018.

What job opportunities can you find at McDonald’s?

At McDonald’s, you have various job opportunities, but they mostly fit into two major categories: working in the restaurants or working in the corporate category of the business.

Taking the restaurant part into consideration:

Perhaps you’re a people person looking for a pleasant place to work. Alternatively, a student is looking to work a few shifts each week between classes. Or a parent with a job seeking a schedule that is kid-friendly. Or perhaps a night owl seeking a nearby evening work. You might even be each of those things combined.

At McDonald’s, you can find a fulfilling job with a side of whatever makes you happy, no matter where you are in life.

McDonald’s restaurants are centered on people, and exceptional people are what set them apart. McDonald’s culture values diversity and values each employee for creating delectable, uplifting experiences that bring out the best in people. Whether corporate-owned or franchised, McDonald’s restaurants take pleasure in their staff.

Taking a look at the corporate part

McDonald’s is dedicated to being fair and doing business, including talent attraction, in a way that respects all individuals in accordance with the belief that “none of us is as good as all of us.”

They seek to make every interaction along the road a positive experience by integrating cutting-edge technology, incredible staff, and critical tactics to encourage diversity, inclusion, and equity throughout their talent processes.

McDonald’s is proud of how its employees collaborate to improve the company, its customers, its communities, and the environment.

What is the average salary of a MacDonald’s employee?

A McDonald’s fast food employee typically makes $10.68 per hour. However, earnings in restaurants run by corporations rise yearly. The average pay in these establishments is anticipated to reach $15 per hour by 2024.

Restaurant managers typically make $12 per hour, although in some places they can make as much as $16. Earnings for a crew leader often range from $8 to $13 per hour.

Although managers typically receive their paychecks once a month, McDonald’s typically pays its employees every two weeks.

Benefits offered by the company

The company offers a lot of benefits, ranging from health insurance, retirement planning, and one of the most praised ones: workers get free meals at any MacDonald’s regardless of its positions (although the amount of meals has a limit)

How to apply

Don’t miss our next post if you’d want to apply for a job at McDonald’s! We’ll go over the key details you require to maximize your application! Look it up!

How to apply and become a MacDonald’s employee?

Do you want to work on MacDonald's? Check in this article everything you need to know on how to apply and be prepared!

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