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One of the biggest and most successful retailers of food, household goods, and apparel in Africa is the Pick n Pay Group. Pick n Pay has the largest online grocery business in Africa and offers numerous shop types under the Pick & Pay and Boxer brands.


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So, if you are looking to work on a company that can makes you learn a lot, and is experienced, you can consider working at Pick n Pay! Check out our full review, and also, you can get more information at the “How to apply” article!

Paid Vacation Time
Paid Vacations / Holidays
Life and disability insurance
Business Pension Plan

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In South Africa, the typical Pick n Pay Cashier monthly wage is at R 3 894.

In South Africa, the average Pick n Pay General Worker monthly wage is around R 4 798.

According to some people, they usually can take one or two weeks to answer you back

Based on more than 222 anonymous employee reviews, Pick 'n Pay has received an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5. 55% of employees have a favorable attitude on the company, and 75% would recommend working there to a friend.

According to Glassdoor ratings, 75% of Pick 'n Pay employees would recommend the company to a friend. In addition, workers gave Pick 'n Pay ratings of 3.1 out of 5, 3.4 for culture and values, and 3.2 for career chances.

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