Becoming a Phillips Consulting worker -₦ 128,000 as salary on average!

As a top consulting firm, Phillips might be a good job option if you want challenges and development opportunities!


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We examine the company’s history, its significant influence on Nigerian business, and the range of employment options it provides.

Examine first-hand reports from staff members to gain important insights into the dynamic culture of the business.

Find out why Phillips Consulting Limited is a coveted employer, praised for its significant influence in the consulting industry, whether you’re a prospective hire or an experienced professional.

Let’s dive deep into it.

A quick overview of the company

One of Nigeria’s top business and management consulting firms, Phillips Consulting Limited, was founded in 1992 and has its headquarters in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Showcasing experience in the outsourcing industry, Phillips Consulting efficiently manages resources for significant clients across multiple Nigerian economic sectors through its outsourcing division.

The company is committed to generating value for stakeholders and assisting clients in succeeding.

Offering a wide range of business and management consulting services, Phillips Consulting places a special emphasis on client-centric strategies, strategic transformation, and change management.

Because of its dedication to these principles, the company has established a solid reputation as a major player in the Nigerian consulting market, helping businesses manage complexity and achieve long-term growth.

What job opportunities can I find at Phillips Consulting?

At Phillips Consulting, common employment opportunities include:

  • Business Consultant: Take part in strategic consulting projects, collaborating closely with clients to find areas for development and put practical solutions in place.
  • As a specialist in change management, you can support organizational change initiatives by facilitating seamless transitions and efficient new process implementation.
  • As an operations transformation specialist, you will work on initiatives that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes.
  • Contribute to the outsourcing division as an outsourcing specialist, overseeing resources for significant clients across multiple Nigerian economic sectors.
  • Project Manager: Take charge of and supervise consulting projects to make sure they are completed on schedule, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the client.
  • Human Resources Consultant: Help clients with talent management, employee engagement, and organizational development by offering HR consulting services.
  • Finance and Accounting Consultant: Provide clients looking for strategic financial advice with your knowledge of accounting, finance, and financial management.
  • Information Technology Consultant: Participate in projects involving IT consulting, offering advice and solutions to customers who want to improve their technology setup.
  • Training and Development Specialist: Create and carry out training plans for customers with an emphasis on skill improvement and staff development.
  • Relationship manager for clients: oversee and develop connections with clients, making sure their needs are satisfied and seeing chances for additional cooperation.

What are the benefits of being a Phillips Consulting worker?

Many advantages come with working at Phillips Consulting, guaranteeing a fulfilling and encouraging career path.

The organization places a high value on a healthy work-life balance and cultivates a supportive and stimulating work environment for its staff.

It is imperative that positive work environments are prioritized in order to maintain wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Phillips Consulting is well known for providing appealing and competitive benefit packages.

This dedication to equitable compensation encourages workers to perform well in their positions and recognizes their contributions, which raises job satisfaction levels overall.

Under the direction of a specialized Compensation and Benefits Manager, the strategic management of pay and benefits makes sure that the packages are competitive and meet the changing demands and expectations of the workforce.

Employees feel valued and acknowledged as a result of this individualized approach.

The company’s dedication to developing skills and knowledge is demonstrated by its investment in employee development initiatives, such as specialized training programs like the People Programs.

In addition to fostering personal development, this also helps staff members meet the changing needs and trends of the consulting sector.

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Job Offer

How to apply for the job


Got interested? Check out how to apply!

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