Pick n Pay worker review

If you want to work at a place that can make your career progress and where you can learn a lot, check out the Pick n Pay group!


A good place to start evolving!

One of the biggest and most successful retailers of food, household goods, and apparel in Africa is the Pick n Pay Group.

They have 1,795 locations, including franchised Family Stores, hypermarkets, and supermarkets.

How to apply and become a Pick n Pay worker?

Pick n Pay is a very big and experienced company in the country. So, learn how to apply for a job there if you want to learn from the best!

Pick n Pay has an annual revenue of R86,3 billion and employs approximately 85,000 people.

According to their website, they are open to individuals who share their principles of honesty, integrity, and accountability.

So, if you want to start your career, or are looking for a stable job in a big company, you should be considering Pick n Pay!

Check out our full review about the company and jobs, and see if this is the job for you!

A little more about the company

The Pick & Pay Group operates as a retailer in the quickly changing consumer goods sector.

The Group operates under three brands: Pick n Pay, Boxer and TM Supermarkets, using a variety of shop formats. Also, one of sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest online grocery marketplaces is run by Pick n Pay.

In 1967, Jack Goldin sold the first four Pick n Pay establishments in Cape Town, South Africa, to Raymond Ackerman.

Since then, the Group has expanded to include stores in Eswatini, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Nigeria, and Lesotho in addition to South Africa. Besides, Pick n Pay holds a 49% stake in TM Supermarkets, a network of supermarkets in Zimbabwe.

By 2021, the business was active in 1,994 locations spread over eight African nations.

Furthermore, while the majority of what they offer to customers is food, clothing and basic products, they also provide extra value-added services to meet changing customer demands.

The Group runs a variety of store formats, both owned and franchised, to guarantee a convenient and accessible shopping experience.

Also, the Pick and Pay Group’s primary goal over the previous five years has been to strengthen its strong South African retail businesses, which operate under the Pick n Pay and Boxer brands.

At the same time, the group has taken a methodical approach to grow in adjacent markets, including geographic expansion across the continent of Africa.

Therefore, as a large retailer in Africa, the Group works to solve socioeconomic issues by offering its consumers high-quality, cheap food while also creating a considerable amount of jobs and economic opportunities throughout its value chain.

What job opportunities can you find at Pick n Pay?

When accessing the Pick n Pay website, you can find many job opportunities.

Since it is a retail shop, you will most likely find jobs like cashier and loader. Also, since they are one of the biggest online grocery stores, they sure need people in areas like IT and marketing.

All and all, when accessing the Pick n Pay website, the careers are divided as followed:

  • Africa Division
  • Franchise Division
  • Cellullar Division
  • Marketing and Commercial
  • Clothing
  • Finance
  • Strategy
  • Information
  • Services
  • Development of Real Estate and Stores
  • Chain of Supply
  • People Resources
  • Pharmacy department
  • Operations at Store
  • Operations Management for Stores

The company also has intern management training, which opens at certain times of the year. It is a very good opportunity for those who want to progress in their career!

What is the average salary of a Pick n Pay worker?

We can determine the average compensation for an average Pick n Pay employee using data from the Indeed platform and taking into account the fact that the majority of open jobs are in the stores.

The typical monthly wage at Pick & Pay ranges from roughly R2,739 for a grocery associate to R14,466 for a floor manager. The average weekly wage at Pick n Pay ranges from roughly R350 for packers to R1,700 for order pickers.

What are the benefits of working at Pick n Pay?

According to the platform Payscale, these are some of the main benefits you can find by working at Pick n Pay:

  • Paid Vacations / Holidays
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Business Pension Plan
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Days
  • Reimbursement for Education, Training, Tuition, and Certification

How to apply?

If you’re interested, check out our “How to apply” article for more information!

How to apply and become a Pick n Pay worker?

Pick n Pay is a very big and experienced company in the country. So, learn how to apply for a job there if you want to learn from the best!

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