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P&G - Average salaries of R 338 898 per year


P&G South Africa may be the best choice for you if you're looking for a job with a business that values innovation, diversity, and inclusion. Also, P&G has a variety of employment possibilities, including those in manufacturing and marketing, with room for advancement.


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The icing on the cake: P&G is dedicated to being environmentally responsible and improving society. A meaningful and gratifying career could begin with a job application to P&G South Africa. If you want to apply for a job at P&G South Africa, please, check out our article on how to apply!

Good Salary
Career Development
Work-Life Balance

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Jobs in manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance, and human resources are all available at P&G South Africa.

The culture of P&G South Africa places a high importance on leadership, diversity, and inclusion in addition to teamwork.

Indeed, P&G South Africa provides flexible work options to aid in work-life balance for its workers.

P&G South Africa provides training, coaching, mentoring, and leadership development programs as well as other career development possibilities.

P&G South Africa is dedicated to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace and has programs in place to do so, including employee resource groups and training on unconscious bias.

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