Apply at Motus Aftermarket – Some salaries range from R 96 000 to R 703 531 per year!

Motus is one of the leading comapanies regarding car supplies and parts. Also it has amazing benefits and stability. Check it out!


A company that is a benchmark in automobile parts!

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In South Africa, Motus Aftermarket is a well-known vendor of car parts and accessories.

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Motus Aftermarket Parts

Good Salary Job stability

Excellent wages and career development awaits at Motus Aftermarket Parts

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For those seeking a fulfilling career in the automotive business, Motus Aftermarket is a terrific place to work. The company has a good reputation for quality and customer service.

In this article, we will go over the advantages of working at Motus Aftermarket, the qualifications required for success, and the application process.

This guide will put you on the road to a rewarding career in the automotive sector, regardless of where you are in your career path.

It will also help you manage the application process for a position at Motus Aftermarket.

Cutting to the chase, it is time to take a look!

What are the benefits of being a Motus employee?

The benefits of working with Motus Aftermarket can vary based on the particular position and region, but generally speaking, they consist of:

Opportunities for career advancement

To assist staff members in developing new abilities and advancing in their careers, Motus Aftermarket provides training and development programs.

Competitive payment

To entice and keep exceptional individuals, Motus Aftermarket provides competitive benefits and salary packages.

Employee Discount

Discounts on automotive components and services may be available to Motus Aftermarket employees.

Wellness and health initiatives

As part of its commitment to the well-being of its staff, Motus Aftermarket may provide a range of wellness initiatives, including gym memberships and health checks.

Also, Motus Aftermarket has a strong company culture that encourages diversity, teamwork, and collaboration, which fosters a friendly and cooperative work environment.

Job stability

As a top provider of aftermarket automobile parts, Motus Aftermarket has a strong and stable business that guarantees job security for its staff.

Work-life balance

Motus Aftermarket respects work-life balance and may provide flexible work schedules to meet employees’ personal and work obligations.

Overall, working for Motus Aftermarket offers a variety of perks that promote professional development, well-being, and work-life balance.

For those with a passion for the automotive business, the company culture also generates a happy and encouraging work atmosphere, making it a terrific place to work.

What are the most important skills to excel as a Motus Aftermarket worker?

There are a number of crucial abilities that, as a Motus Aftermarket employee, can help you succeed in your position. Among these abilities are:

Automotive expertise

In this industry, it can be quite important to have a solid understanding of how cars operate and the various components that go into them.

Consumer assistance

A good level of service requires the ability to communicate with clients in a nice and professional way.


Successful interaction with coworkers, managers and clients requires effective communication.

Observation of details

While handling orders and ensuring that the appropriate parts are provided to the appropriate clients, the capacity for close attention to detail is crucial.

Sales abilities

In this field, being able to sell goods and services is crucial because you could be expected to advise clients based on their requirements.

Management of time

In this hectic setting, having efficient time management skills is crucial.

Technical abilities

Depending on your position, you might need to excel at using technical abilities like computer literacy or equipment experience.


A vital skill in this industry is the ability to recognize problems and swiftly find solutions.

How is the application process at Motus Aftermarket?


Job application

Motus Aftermarket Parts

Good Salary Job stability

Excellent wages and career development awaits at Motus Aftermarket Parts

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A normal online application through the company’s careers website is the first step in the application process for a job at Motus Aftermarket. The following are the stages you might anticipate taking:

  • On the company’s careers page, look for a position that matches your qualifications.
  • In order to post your resume and cover letter, as well as other personal and professional details, you must first register for a website account.
  • Fill out the application, which will ask you about your training, employment history, and skill set.
  • A member of the Motus Aftermarket hiring team will assess your application after you’ve submitted it.
  • You may receive an invitation to an interview if your application meets the requirements for the post. The interview may take place in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.
  • You might need to submit to a background check and drug test if your interview goes well and you are chosen for the job.
  • You will get an offer of employment and be eligible to start working at Motus Aftermarket once you have finished these procedures.

It’s important to keep in mind that the specifics of the application procedure may change depending on the position you’re looking for, so carefully read the job description and adhere to the guidelines.

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