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South Africans seeking higher education have a transforming opportunity when they apply for a student loan through NSFAS. NSFAS, the country's largest provider of student loans, serves students at public universities and TVET institutes with a sizable budget of R47 billion. In order to enable formerly underprivileged students to pursue their academic goals, it provides financial aid to individuals who cannot afford higher education.


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NSFAS is open to anyone, has no upper age limit, and offers allowances for living costs, school supplies, and other things. It is a good option for a stress-free educational path because, as a bursary since 2018, there is no requirement to repay the loan. Check out our full review for more information, and if you want more information on how to apply, check out the other article as well!

No repayment obligation
Financial Acessibility
Inclusive Elegibility
Allowances for Living Expenses

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To be eligible for an NSFAS Student Loan, a South African citizen must be enrolled in a recognized tertiary institution, such as a university or TVET college.

There is no upper age limit for NSFAS applicants, therefore students of all ages pursuing postsecondary education can apply for the loan.

For applicants to be eligible for an NSFAS Student Loan, their household income must be less than R350,000 annually.

Yes, postgraduate students can apply for an NSFAS Student Loan through the National Research Foundation's (NRF) relationship with NSFAS, which particularly targets people with disabilities, those from underprivileged families, and women.

Since 2018, NSFAS has been a bursary, so no loan repayment is necessary. However, borrowers who obtained the loan prior to 2018 must pay back the whole amount borrowed.

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