Netcare worker review – A business that pays on average R 10,000 each month!

Netcare is one of the top healthcare companies in the country, and as so, there is a lot of jobs available. Check out our review!


Working with lives is a very important task!

South African private healthcare provider Netcare Limited, has little over 21 000 employees and runs through a number of companies.

The business manages the largest network of private acute care hospitals in South Africa and provides emergency medical services, primary healthcare, renal dialysis, and mental health services, among other medical services across the gamut of healthcare.

How to apply and become a Netcare worker?

There are several employment openings at Netcare, one of the best healthcare organizations in the nation. Learn how to apply!

Through Netcare Education’s Faculty of Nursing and Ancillary Healthcare (FNAH) and Faculty of Emergency and Critical Care, Netcare also serves as a private provider of training for nurses and emergency medical workers (FEEC).

At its five campuses, FNAH offers education and training, whereas FECC operates two campuses.

In order to implement the group’s strategy, Netcare partnered with five international technology companies in 2018 to launch a digitization program that was in line with the global trend of digital enablement and rich data availability, insights, and utilization that can be used to drive improvements in healthcare delivery.

With all these perks and numbers, working at Netcare can be an excellent option, especially if you want to use the healthcare boom that South Africa is passing at your disposal.

Learn more about the company, and check out our review!

A little more about the company’s history

In the same year that it was founded in 1996, Netcare was also listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE Limited).

In 2001, it began to grow in the UK. It was awarded the £2.5 billion contract for the Greater Manchester Surgical Centre, a 48-bed facility at Trafford General Hospital.

The money was given to perform 44,863 elective procedures over 5 years with a diagnostics program valued at £1 billion, as well as The Ophthalmic Chain contracts in Kent, Merseyside, Cumbria, Lancashire, Hampshire, and Thames Valley.

It agreed to perform 41,600 cataract surgeries for the NHS in hospitals across the UK, including Cumberland Infirmary, in 2004.

In 2019, 35 African health-tech businesses were chosen by Netcare and Founders Factory Africa for an acceleration and incubation program.

 Founders Factory Africa will invest £30,000 (about $38,000) in accelerated startups and provide £220,000 in support services.

Health-tech startups in incubators will receive £60K in funding and £100K in support. Each firm accepted into the program will have a 5–10% equity investment split between Founders Factory Africa and Netcare.

What Job opportunities can you find at Netcare?

When you talk about such an important company, most of the jobs are health-related, but there are some of them that are important for the company’s structure.

Having said that, The Netcare Group offers several career opportunities in a range of sectors, including

  •  Nursing
  •  Emergency medical services
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Information technology
  • Human resources
  • Finance and Administration
  •  Procurement
  •  Technical and maintenance
  • Marketing

What you can expect when you join Netcare?

Their website claims that Netcare’s beliefs and method of operation are distinctive.

Also, there is never a dull moment when you work there because of the time, effort, and excitement you put into your work and their supportive and creative atmosphere.

Despite being one of the largest healthcare organizations in South Africa, Netcare nevertheless values each and every employee.

As long as they provide value, your suggestions will be considered there. where teamwork is praised and collaboration is encouraged

What is the average salary when you work at Netcare?

Netcare pays its employees an average salary of R247,600 per year, as reported by the Payscale website.

At Netcare, salaries range from an annual average of R66,647 to R521,631.

With an average yearly pay of R461,609, Nursing Managers at Netcare are paid the highest average salaries, while Receptionists are paid the lowest salaries with an average yearly compensation of R93,892.

How to apply at Netcare?

As we have seen, working at Netcare means working with one of the greatest companies in Healthcare in South Africa. Not only big in numbers, but also with cutting-edge technology and international experience.

If you believe you have all the guts you need to work there, check out our next article on “How to apply”

How to apply and become a Netcare worker?

There are several employment openings at Netcare, one of the best healthcare organizations in the nation. Learn how to apply!

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