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Nando's is a place known for its food and great energy. Check out our full on how it is to work there and the benefits!


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Nando’s, a South African restaurant chain that specializes in peri-peri chicken dishes, was founded in Johannesburg in 1987 by Robert Brozin and Fernando Duarte.

How to apply and work at Nando’s?

Learn how to apply and work at Nando's, the popular South African restaurant chain known for its peri-peri chicken and casual atmosphere.

Nando’s has since grown in popularity to become a global chain, with locations in several countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

In South Africa, Nando’s is particularly known for its casual dining atmosphere and its peri-peri chicken, which is available in various levels of spiciness, as well as for its unique and colorful decor, which often features African-inspired artwork and sculptures.

Additionally, the restaurant also offers a wide variety of other dishes, such as burgers, salads, and sides, and the menu is diverse, including options for vegetarians and vegans.

Furthermore, the company’s peri-peri sauce is widely available in supermarkets worldwide.

The name Nando’s is derived from a combination of the first name of one of the founders, Fernando, and the Portuguese word for “little boy,”  as the restaurant was originally intended to be a small, family-run establishment.

With such a dynamic atmosphere and many opportunities to grow, Nando’s can be an excellent place to work! Check out our full review!

What job opportunities can I find at Nando’s?

Depending on the locale, Nando’s offers a variety of positions; however, some popular ones include:


These staff members are in charge of receiving orders from customers, delivering food and beverages, and offering top-notch customer service.

Culinary Staff

These staff members are in charge of the kitchen’s preparation, cleanliness, and adherence to food safety regulations.


The member here is in charge of welcoming clients, handling reservations, and maintaining the seamless operation of the restaurant.


These workers are in charge of creating and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as offering first-rate client support.


The day-to-day management of the restaurant’s operations, including staffing, inventory, customer service, and financial performance, is within the purview of managers.

Communications and Marketing

Nando’s has a strong brand, and because of that, it has a committed team that works to enhance and preserve its reputation.

People Resources

Because Nando’s is renowned for its dedication to its staff, it has a specialized team that looks after their welfare, benefits, and training initiatives.

Logistics and supply chain

To make sure the restaurant is fully equipped with everything it needs to run, Nando’s employs a dedicated crew that handles the sourcing of ingredients and oversees logistics.

These are a few of the typical jobs at Nando’s, but there may be others based on certain factors.

What is the average salary at Nando’s?

The average monthly pay at Nando’s ranges from about Rs 3 377 for a production coordinator to Rs 18 118 for a restaurant manager, according to the website Indeed.

These numbers give a very good idea of how much your payments can increase if you choose to invest in your career development at Nando’s.

What benefits do I get from working at Nando’s?

Depending on the location and role, Nando’s employees may receive a variety of benefits; however, the following are some typical ones:

Competitive pay and benefits

For its staff, Nando’s provides attractive compensation packages.

Pension plan and health insurance

For the benefit of its employees, Nando’s offers medical insurance and a pension plan that helps them plan for the future.

Employee food discounts

When working, employees get discounts on Nando’s meals.

Opportunities for professional development and career progression

There are prospects for promotion within the firm, including management and leadership positions, and Nando’s supports the professional growth of its staff.

A cheerful and exciting workplace

Nando’s is a terrific place to work because of its distinctive atmosphere, which is lively and enjoyable.

Adaptable hours of employment

To meet the demands of employees, some jobs could provide flexible hours.

Leave advantages

Employees at Nando’s have access to leave benefits like sick time and vacation time.

How to apply and work at Nando’s?

If you want to find a job at Nando’s, take a look at our next article!

How to apply and work at Nando’s?

Learn how to apply and work at Nando's, the popular South African restaurant chain known for its peri-peri chicken and casual atmosphere.

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