The life of an Uber Eats Delivery worker

Starting with Uber, Uber Eats grew into a company of its own. How is the life of a delivery worker there? Check out now!


Uber is a company that started out in 2009 as a company that would allow people to give others rides for a price, and the company would get a part of the profits, because of the interface and marketplace It gives to everybody.

It was a success, and in 2014 Uber created UberEats, a service that allows people to ask for food and get it delivered by an Uber delivery driver.

This kind of service was very important, especially during the pandemic when people could not get out.

Some restaurants could not open their doors, but they could still keep up with some delivery services, which was very important for many families, not only for the people who work, that were not needed to keep all their services closed, but it was also important for those who ask the delivers.

How to become an Uber Eats delivery worker

When we think about gaining some extra cash, being an Uber delivery driver can be a good idea. Check out what it takes to apply!

How does Uber Eats work?

So, let’s dive into the process from the moment you ask for your food until it gets delivered, so you can understand pretty much how does an uber delivery worker day looks like.

You’re at home and you’re hungry. You could cook something, but that would take too long. Maybe you should order a hamburger instead.

You pick up your phone and open your Uber Eats for the hamburger place. You scroll through the options, trying to decide what to get. Should you get a cheeseburger or a double bacon burger?

You finally make your decision and place your order. Now you just have to wait for it to arrive.

On the app, however, many Uber Eats delivery workers have the option to accept your order, so they go to the restaurant, and with a code, they identify your hamburger.

From there, the Uber Eats delivery workers take your order and delivery it for you. For their services, they receive your tip and a fee from Uber Eats itself.

Is it good to work for Uber Eats?

Working for Uber Eats have a lot of pro and cons

As a good thing for working with Uber Eats, you make your own schedule, you work when you can, for the restaurant you want, so it is very good.


If you take into consideration some reviews that Uber Eats drivers themselves, make, you will see that people that enjoy working for the company the most are people who already have a job, and use Uber Eats as a way of gaining more money during spare time.

That are people as well that have some health issue, that does not allow he or them to be in a regular job, or to be a reliable worker at a regular pace.

For this kind of people, being an Uber Eats delivery worker is pretty good since you work only when you can be at your maximum.

Another thing is that, if you own a car, you do not just work for Uber Eats, but for Uber, so at the same time you can deliver some food, you are also able to make some rides and gain even more money


Does it mean it is a dream job? Far from it. The biggest complaint regarding Uber Eats delivery workers is that the money they make is not steady, and taxes change in some ways that make it hard for people to keep up with.

Some workers claim that at mealtime the tips and fees are amazing, but there are some hours of the day (which are not predictable as well), where what you gain sometimes doesn’t even pay the gas.


So, if you want to be a successful Uber eats delivery person, you need to be aware of some things regarding taxes and orders. The work is hard and payment is good only if you know how and when to work, it seems.

How to become an Uber Eats delivery worker

When we think about gaining some extra cash, being an Uber delivery driver can be a good idea. Check out what it takes to apply!

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