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An industry leader in South Africa's underground mining, shaft sinking, and civil engineering sectors is Murray & Roberts Cementation. The company has a long history that dates back to 1902 and is known for its experience and knowledge in the mining sector.


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So, if you want to play for a company that has a history in the Country, and call also help you develop your career with training and competitive salaries, Murray & Roberts should be considered! Check out our full review, and if you got interested, you can have more information on our “How to apply" article!

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Murray & Roberts Cementation is an expert in civil engineering, shaft sinking, and underground mining. They have extensive knowledge of a variety of mining techniques, such as mechanized and conventional mining, as well as a variety of commodities, including gold, platinum, coal, copper, and nickel.

The requirements for particular jobs will vary, but many of them will need for a bachelor's degree in an area that is appropriate, like engineering, mining, or construction management. Professional qualifications or licenses could also be necessary for some positions.

Depending on the particular position and location of the job, the timetable could change. Long hours, shift work, or working away from home may be necessary for some jobs. But the business makes an effort to provide a healthy work-life balance.

As part of its dedication to sustainability and safety, Murray & Roberts may have stringent safety procedures in place to safeguard both its workers and the environment. The business can also enjoy a solid reputation for sustainability and safety in its sector.

To view and apply for open positions, go to the company's website or career page. Additionally, you might be able to send in your résumé and apply for upcoming positions.

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