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MMGuardian Parental - Take care of your children on the internet


You need look no further than MMGuardian Parental Control if you're a worried parent looking for a dependable solution to control your child's smartphone or tablet usage. This software includes a wide range of features made to protect your child's online experience. You can keep an eye on their calls, texts, and internet activities with MMGuardian to ensure their safety online.


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Utilize app control tools to restrict access to problematic apps and establish sensible screen time restrictions. With a set of programmable filters, you can keep an eye on your child's online safety. Check out our full review article if you want more information about this amazing app, and if you are already convinced, make sure to check out our article regarding how to download the app!

Digital Safety
App Management
Screen time control
Location Tracking

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Yes, both iOS and Android devices may use MMGuardian Parental Control.

You can watch your child's text messages, phone logs, and contact list, including Whatsapp, with MMGuardian.

To protect your child's online safety, MMGuardian offers web filtering capabilities that let you block objectionable websites, create custom filters, or pick from pre-defined categories.

Yes, MMGuardian provides options for managing apps that let you block or limit access to particular programs on your child's device.

MMGuardian offers a number of security features to stop unwanted installation or tampering. It adds a layer of security by requiring a password or PIN for adjustments.

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