Learn how to draw by using these apps

Do you want to learn how to draw, but don't know where to begin? Check out these amazing apps that you help you begin your drawing journey


Everyone has that hobby, that kind of ability that he or she wanted to start practicing, but either you don’t have enough time, or even if you do have time, you don’t know where to start.

Drawing may be one of these hobbies, some people get fascinated by how another person, with a simple pen or pencil, can make amazing drawings and images. To some of them, having this level of excellence may be unreachable, but in order to learn, you need to start practicing.

In order to help you start, here are 5 apps that you can use so you can begin learning how to draw today!

1-How to draw – easy lessons

If you are a complete newbie, this is the number one app that you should on your phone. The app’s name basically features everything you will find in How to draw-easy lessons: using a baby step methodology, it will teach from the absolute zero how you can start to make your first drawings.

Not only that, how-to draw-easy lessons feature a wide range of categories, from nature to cartoons, you will be able to specialize yourself in the kind of drawing that catches the best of your creativity.

The icing on the cake is that after you finish your drawings, you can save your drawings and post them on social media, so everybody can marvel at your first steps toward amazing masterpieces!

2- PaigeeWorld – Art Community

This app is unique on its own because not only does it feature several drawing lessons that will help you perfect your craft as the name suggests, but it is also an art community, kind of a social media where you can share your art thoughts e experiments and others can share with you too.

PaigeeWorld also features a gallery that is constantly updated, so you can always have different inspirations. Alas, it allows you to share your art with a fellow artist, so he can give you feedback on what you can improve and learn to keep growing as an amateur drawer!

3- Sketch a day

Another app with a lot of drawing lessons, what differentiates this app from the formers in our list is that Sketch a Day encourages you to draw something every day.

By training consistently, this app is amazing if you want to feel the gradual improvement that the daily habit of drawing can make to your skills!


This app is an interesting approach: allowing you to draw things on your computer, but make you feel like it was hand-drawn

It also features the “Live Collab” feature, which allows you and your friends to do sketching together.

Although it has some drawing lessons, Excalidraw can be a good place to test things out fast and to create sketches so you can kind of have the feeling before sinking into a more elaborated draw.

5- How to draw with artist Matt Busch

If you want to have a class with a teacher, that will help you break down some step-to-step on their drawings, this app will fit a glove for you.

Matt Busch is a Hollywood illustrator, who has worked on some great projects, like Star Wars. In this app, he breaks downs some drawings in very simple steps, so you can not only keep up but really feel that each line is giving life to your drawings.

With the help of apps, learning how to draw has become easier and faster, with the rise of beginner’s friendly apps.

If you are still not sure about it, try learning to draw for some time, when you begin to see your improvements, I doubt you will want to stop!

Just remember, it is never too late to start and learn something new!

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