Applying at NAOC – Earn up to up to ₦210,000 per month!

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How do I prepare myself?

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Are you prepared to start a successful career in the oil and gas sector? Professionals in a variety of professions, like engineering and environmental science, can take advantage of intriguing prospects provided by the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC).

We will walk you through the process of joining the exciting NAOC team in this guide. We’ll examine the fundamental abilities that can put you on the road to success in the oil and gas industry and debunk some common myths about the application procedure.

This article will offer tips on how to apply for positions at NAOC, stand out as a candidate, and begin a rewarding career in the energy industry, whether you’re a fresh graduate looking for internships or an experienced professional seeking new horizons.

Let us begin!

What skills do I need to excel as a NAOC employee?

  • Innovation: The capacity to come up with original concepts and solutions can result in improvements to systems and procedures, enhancing productivity and competitiveness.
  • Stress management: There may be a lot of strain in the oil and gas sector. You can preserve your well-being and perform consistently with effective stress management.
  • Cross-Cultural Competence: Working in a multicultural setting, especially in a multinational organization like NAOC, necessitates cultural sensitivity and the capacity for cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Empathy: Building stronger working connections and a healthy work environment requires understanding the needs and viewpoints of stakeholders as well as coworkers.
  • Negotiation Skills: Good negotiating techniques can enable both sides to come to a deal or collaborate.
  • Critical Thinking: In a field with many different obstacles, the capacity to assess information, analyze complex circumstances, and reach wise conclusions is vital.
  • Building and sustaining professional connections can lead to chances for information exchange and career advancement.

How is the application process at NAOC?


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Up to ₦210,000 per month!

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The Nigerian Agip Oil Company’s (NAOC) application procedure is organized into a set of procedures that are used to assess and choose potential applicants.

It starts with job openings being posted on the NAOC website and other job-searching websites.

Through the NAOC website or other related job platforms, candidates who are interested in these positions begin the application process by entering their information.

Both candidates and the organization can apply effectively and conveniently using this online technique.

In many instances, applicants are additionally required to send a cover letter outlining their passion for the role and why they think it is a good fit for them.

Following application submission, each one is thoroughly examined by the NAOC HR department and a specialized screening team.

Candidates may be required to take evaluations or tests meant to gauge their abilities, knowledge, and skills, depending on the nature of the role. Candidates who advance to the interview round are evaluated for their suitability for the position.

NAOC frequently conducts reference checks to confirm the applicant’s employment history and qualifications. An official employment offer is given to an applicant after they have successfully completed all of the earlier phases.

After accepting the job offer, new hires begin the onboarding process, which includes completing the required paperwork, going to orientation meetings, and becoming acquainted with NAOC’s policies and processes.

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