Goldman-Sachs has some good stocks: take a look at them

Such an influential institution has spoken over time about some investment they think it will pay off. Take a look at some of them.


Goldman-Sachs is one of the most powerful and known banks in the U.S.A.

So, it is only natural that the stocks they are are somewhat highlighted for some people.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some stocks that this bank thinks are good to buy.

These are some stocks that Ray Dalio has been…

Legendary Ray Dalio has some stocks and ETFs up his sleeve. check out in this article some of the options that he has.


Markets will fluctuate as they see fit, but you still need to eat your daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables. Dole now comes into the picture.

The company, which is situated in Dublin, Ireland, is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world, with over 300 different products sold in 90 different nations.

 In addition to having 162 manufacturing and distribution facilities and 74,300 full-time and temporary staff, Dole also operates 13 ships, many packhouses, cold storage factories, and salad processing units.

The company’s four segments are divided into Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables, Diversified Fresh Produce – EMEA, Diversified Fresh Produce – Americas, and Diversified Fresh Produce – ROW.

The primary business is the sale of fresh and frozen fruits and drinks.

Melco Resorts and Entertainment

Melco Resorts & Entertainment, a company that operates casino resorts with properties in Asia and Europe, is the second Goldman recommendation we’re taking a look at.

The $2.4 billion City of Dreams Macau resort, which houses its main casino, has hundreds of rooms, suites, and villas in addition to the 572 gaming machines and 511 gaming tables one would expect from a venue of this kind.

In addition to Studio City Macau, the company’s portfolio also includes Altira Macau, City of Dreams Manila, and City of Dreams Mediterranean in Cyprus.

Resorts suffered significantly during the covid pandemic, and as Chinese tourists make up a significant portion of the Macau resort industry’s revenue, the recent lockdowns in the area had an adverse effect on Q2’s results.

However, more encouraging recent facts have emerged. From August 18 to August 24, the number of visitors to Macao increased by more than 43% week over week. Clearly, this is good news for the company.


Investors have long favored Tesla. And it’s easy to understand why: over the past five years, shares of the world’s largest electric car company have returned an astounding 992%.

Even if it means long-term investors are laughing all the way to the bank, it’s crucial to keep in mind that significant swings can go both ways.

In 2022, Tesla stock has already decreased by around 41%.

Goldman is still very optimistic about the business. Tesla was ranked first for 2022 by one of its experts, Mark Delaney, in January.


Big data is widely regarded as the upcoming big thing. And that’s where Snowflake discovered its chance.

The 2012-founded cloud-based data warehousing business serves thousands of clients from numerous industries, including 241 Fortune 500 companies.

Despite a devastating 57% decline in share price for Snowflake in 2022, the business still commands a market worth of nearly $45 billion.

The revenue for the three months that ended on January 31 increased by 102% to $359.6 million. A noteworthy 178% of net revenue was retained.

Large customer gains were still being achieved by the business. In contrast to 77 such customers a year ago, it now has 184 customers with a trailing 12-month product revenue of over $1 million.

Goldman Sachs recently decreased its price objective for Snowflake shares to $289 while keeping the company’s buy recommendation.

The price objective represents a potential upside of 101% given that Snowflake shares are now trading at about $143.50 per.

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