What Gen-Z can teach us about investing?

Sometimes the new surpasses the old very quickly. Gen-Z is becoming the benchmark on how to invest your money, here's how.


Even though the oldest are still in their early 20s, Gen Z is used to hearing how terrible an investor they are and how much they need to learn from their all-knowing baby boomer grandparents, Gen X parents, and even their millennial elder siblings.

Gen Z may be young, inexperienced, and learning as they go, but they are also breaking many of the harmful behaviors developed by the same older generations.

 In many instances, young investors are actually doing a remarkable job navigating a fast-changing economic landscape in tumultuous times.

Many younger members of Generation Z are poised to make their first forays into the world of investment.

Believe it or not, they could be better off heeding the counsel of Generation Z, who are making wise decisions significantly more frequently than they typically receive credit for, as opposed to the millennials, Gen Xers, or boomers who came before them.

In this article, we are going to dive deep into some behaviors of Gen Z that might be better suited for the world we are living in, regarding investments.

Stocks that billionaire investors agree it is…

Having a good person to follow is always a good option. So, take a look at some of the stocks billionaire investors are buying.

Take more risks

When it comes to investment, the times have changed.

While there were more traditional methods of managing your money in the past, today’s wealth management strategies are more individualized.

Younger generations are typically more accustomed to this instability.

Long-term returns for Gen Z are higher due to their capacity to weather market troughs.

 As long as you have solid investments, remaining involved tends to pay well during periods of market volatility.

When the market is erratic, Gen X get more anxious and seeks to liquidate their investments.

To combat this, Gen Z investors typically adhere to their plan throughout periods of market volatility and use those opportunities to increase their portfolio size.

Stick with the basics

Although Gen Z may be suspicious of Wall Street, they also know that the stock market is the most effective tool for creating wealth in history.

Despite the recurring myth that members of Generation Z avoid traditional securities in favor of cutting-edge investments like meme stocks, cryptocurrencies, and SPACs, their financial decisions are really rather ordinary.

According to a recent Motley Fool study, novice investors are largely favoring tried-and-true investment methods.

According to the survey, 73% of Gen Z are stock investors, compared to 75% according to a Bloomberg poll.

This figure is significantly higher than the number of Gen Z who bet on riskier developing trends like cryptocurrency and meme stocks.

But also, they think differently about bigger payoffs

For Gen Z, alterations to conventional financial strategies are a part of daily life.

Gen Z is at its very essence those who look beyond the norm.

 Taking a little more chances… it’s developing those biases, which ought to be adjustable rather than a fixed state.

One sign of the gig economy, which penetrates Gen Z’s lives, is disruption.

The term “disruption” describes modifications to the established business model, such as the way Airbnb increased hotel competition.

Gen Z put their money where their morals are

The move toward sustainable investing is linked to millennials. Compared to less than $5 billion just five years ago, the generation above Gen Z contributed more than $50 billion to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) funds in 2020, according to CNBC.

However, Generation Z has seized that responsibility and made it their own. The largest and best thing that Gen Z can acquire from Gen Z is the belief in capitalism with a conscience.

Most Gen Zers claim that their investment strategy focuses on “businesses with a purpose,” according to Bloomberg research.

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