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See if you are fit into working at Ford!

Ford - Where salaries range from R 105 000 to over R 500 000 per year!


Everybody knows that Ford is one of the most renowned companies there is in history, and working with them might be a dream for many. With a plethora of amazing benefits and the opportunity to develop a solid career, Ford can be a great option for an ambitious person!


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With that said, if you feel you have the drive, the guts, and the motivation to work at Ford, wait no more!, go for it! Check out our article on how to apply, in order to get more valuable information

Competitive Salary
Paid time off
Development opportunities
Retirement plans!

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Ford South Africa is dedicated to establishing a positive work environment and encourages diversity and inclusion. The success of the business is supported by encouraging employees to submit their ideas.

Ford South Africa is dedicated to fostering a positive work-life balance for all of its employees. The organization provides accommodating work schedules and helpful programs to aid employees in juggling their personal and professional obligations.

Ford offers its employees chances for continuous training and development to support them in achieving their career objectives. This covers classroom instruction as well as workshops and courses.

Ford South Africa is dedicated to encouraging inclusion and diversity at work. In order to promote a welcoming atmosphere for all employees, regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, or other personal traits, the organization has adopted policies and programs.

Ford South Africa is committed to offering its staff members chances for development and progress. The business values investing in its workers and creates a welcoming environment that encourages career advancement. Ford South Africa offers a range of career pathways, including chances for promotion within your current department and transfers to other parts of the business. Furthermore, Ford South Africa also offers training and development initiatives to support staff members in honing their abilities and expanding their knowledge in their specialized fields.

If you still want to take a look at a job at another big company where you can have amazing salaries and awesome benefits, check out Sasol.

It is a Multinational company, where R 167 844 to R 1 034 990 a year can be your annual salary range!

How to apply at Sasol – R 167 844 to R 1 034 990..

Sasol is a company that has a history and operates in many countries. This means an excellent opportunity to be well paid!

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